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In April 2016, Anto won the bid for the second phase of an airline collaborative design platform.

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  Congratulations to Anto for winning the second phase of the collaborative design platform (data distribution and tooling management) of an aviation group company in Harbin in April 2016

  Winning the good news

  Congratulations to Anto for winning the second phase of the collaborative design platform (data distribution and tooling management) of an aviation group company in Harbin in April 2016!

  An aviation group company of Harbin is affiliated to China Aviation Industry Corporation. It is China's aircraft production base and aerospace industry backbone enterprise. It has the ability to develop and mass produce multi-variety, multi-series, multi-model aircraft and aerospace parts subcontracting production. On the basis of the first phase of the collaborative design platform, the 3D MBD data is distributed to the enterprise's PDM platform for process design development and manufacturing, and the tooling 3D design is also designed and managed in the VPM system.

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