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In April 2016, a multimedia teaching and virtual training standard equipment was perfectly accepted.

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  Antoin implemented an aircraft design institute of China Aviation Industry Corporation - multimedia teaching equipment and virtual training standard equipment project perfect acceptance.

  Antoin implemented an aircraft design institute of China Aviation Industry Corporation - multimedia teaching equipment and virtual training standard equipment project perfect acceptance.

  This project is a sub-project of the National Major Special Project Capacity Building Project, the Customer Training Service Center, which aims to build the multimedia teaching and virtual training hardware conditions that are urgently needed for the first training. The customer attached great importance to the project. At the beginning of the project implementation, the project leaders of the two parties conducted several communicationes on the various links and details of the project, and finally determined the implementation plan. The main technical difficulty in project implementation lies in the implementation of virtual training standard equipment. It is necessary to ensure that the virtual teaching environment is displayed on multiple screens in this teaching system. We have finally met the requirements of users through multi-screen display technology and application software after multi-party debugging. To this end, the user's approval. In addition, ensuring the business continuity of the teaching server is also a key point of this project. We have ensured the reliability of the teaching system through the use of dual-machine hot standby technology through a variety of testing methods.

  This project involves more than ten suppliers in different industries. In order to ensure quality and timely supply, the company's sales and business are actively contacted by manufacturers and suppliers, and the daily supply is followed up. The company's leaders have also appeared for many times. The meeting was held to determine the measures. Because the project implementation cycle is tight and the task is heavy, the company has insufficient staff, and the technology is more difficult for customer service. Overtime work is done to complete the final installation and debugging. Finally, after all the efforts of Xi'an Anto, the project passed the acceptance and received high praise from customers. The customer feedback form is shown below:

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