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PLM helps an airline's innovative products business

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First,theproductisthecoreoffuturedevelopment-thebackgroundofanairlinePSMproject  Alongwiththegradualmaturityoftheaviationmarket,anairlinehasstrategicallytransformeditsuserneedswhileimprovingitsservice

  First, the product is the core of future development - the background of an airline PSM project

  Along with the gradual maturity of the aviation market, an airline has strategically transformed its user needs while improving its service system structure. The launch of service products and the establishment of the entire product system will lay a solid foundation for the subsequent rapid occupation of the market and the integration of upstream and downstream resources of the aviation industry. Therefore, while ensuring the stable implementation of the existing production environment, a system that can adapt to the company's scale and suitable for product R&D and manufacturing is needed to provide necessary supporting measures for the company to realize the productization strategy.

  In August 2012, Anto signed a software development project contract with an airline for the Product System Management Platform (PSM). Anto has combined the best practices of PLM implementation at home and abroad for many years with the business characteristics of aviation service products, and worked together with an airline product system development department to successfully complete the project construction in June 2013 and introduced several airlines. Multiple business products in operation.

  Second, the method combined with the business is the best practice - the summary of project benefits

  Through the implementation of the PSM project, the product development business of an airline has truly landed, laying a platform foundation for the subsequent successful development of more product development, and also achieving innovation in management.

  (1) System construction, product access: Completed the construction of the product system platform, including product brand, product line, product contact point, customer group, product library, service library. In the trial operation, it successfully introduced a number of business products such as Changxing exclusive, U+ enjoy, machine ascending cabin, ground upgrade, empty iron pass, music enjoy discount, play Yunnan, crazy countdown, combined package and so on.

  (2) Decomposition of product structure elements: After focusing on analyzing the characteristics of an airline's service products, the product structure (S-BOM, product service list) that meets the follow-up business expansion of an airline is constructed. The elements include, Product -> Service -> Resource -> Configuration, and associated route resources, and can generate a corresponding product configuration list.

  (3) Standardize management procedures to improve efficiency: comb the product life cycle and workflow, and establish a set of standardized product development processes on the PSM platform, from creativity, project, design, trial development, to online, and problems. Process flow.

  (4) Strengthen multi-sector collaboration: People in various departments can work together on the platform to manage the classified documents of products, including version management of documents, release management, and linkage with workflow.

  (5) Monitoring production and ensuring quality: By constructing a unified order structure, the production data of each online product is accessed. And internally designed a set of problem order warning mechanism, through the exchange with the airmail data, effectively monitor the problem order.

  (6) Analyze operations and help decision-making: The platform also provides basic analysis functions, including sales, sales volume, and execution status, to help product managers grasp the sales status and trends of products in real time. It can also provide basic product business data for an airline data mart and obtain the results of its in-depth analysis to help an airline's product management personnel make decisions.

  Third, flying higher, doing better - next step forward

  Through the implementation of the first phase of PSM, the entire project team will clarify the future development direction, focus on an airline product strategy, and challenge higher goals to achieve greater return on investment.

  (1) Open the product release channel: The structured product data in the platform can be directly used for the basis of the freight rate after refining the demand. After the product management system and the freight rate system are opened, the product of an airline is Being able to become a shelf-type product will greatly accelerate the cycle of product launch.

  (2) Push the work order to the corresponding contact point: promptly and accurately push the necessary information to the service point and notify the passenger. At the same time, it can better serve the passengers through monitoring means. Satisfaction feedback can also be collected after the end.

  (3) Service sharing and unified inventory: share all the product resources and services of an airline, maximize the utilization of existing resources, and reduce product costs.

  (4) Strengthen project management: How to better plan and allocate various tasks requires the project management to monitor internal management issues.

  (5) Further data mining: The production data that the platform has access to needs to share data with the company's marketing data insight (marketing data mart) to achieve deep analysis of product data in multiple dimensions. Continuously provide business decisions for each product development.