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Anto helps enterprise financial service platform

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  With the emergence of the direct-linked mode of bank-enterprise, enterprise users can directly complete the operations of transfer, payment, etc. through the ERP system. However, there are still many shortcomings in the collection management of customers, and the payment information of customers cannot be obtained in time. A lot of manual intervention is required to check each transaction. Therefore, the bank has launched a silver enterprise platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to assist enterprise users to optimize collection management work and synchronize data to the enterprise business system, so that enterprises can distribute products in a shorter turnaround time and optimize the company's sales process.

  In August 2011, Anto won the enterprise collection management project of a bank in Shanghai, after a fierce competition for the project. Through this project, the user realized:

  ■ Help corporate users of banks manage the collection information of multiple buyers;

  ■ Real-time reflection of changes in corporate user account funds, facilitating corporate financial monitoring and decision making;

  ■ Real-time access to buyer payment information through virtual accounts, get rid of the original T+1 day limit, and improve the efficiency of the entire sales process;

  ■ Interfacing with the enterprise ERP system to deliver payment data;

  ■ Comprehensive management of order information for corporate customers through the platform.