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Work together, strive for the upstream -- bridge engineering based on 3DE platform full 3d collaborative design project online!

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Another3DEprojectcomingonline!!! AntogrouphasreachedanewpeakinBIMsolutionimplementation!!! OnthemorningofDecember21,2018,the"full3dcollaborativedesignprojectbasedon3DEbridgeproject"ofnorthwestsurveyan
Another 3DE project coming online!!!
Anto group has reached a new peak in BIM solution implementation!!!
On the morning of December 21, 2018, the "full 3d collaborative design project based on 3DE bridge project" of northwest survey and design research institute co., ltd. of China power construction group was successfully accepted. At the acceptance meeting, Yang dafeng, director of the digitization center of northwest university, affirmed the project. As the key input of the digital center in 2018, the project achieved satisfactory results, and formed a management system for such projects, which is worth learning from other projects. Zhang feng, director of the bridge institute of urban construction institute, also gave a high evaluation to the project team, holding that the implementation of this project completed the construction of the three-dimensional design system of the bridge institute, laid a good foundation for the three-dimensional design and application of the bridge institute, and prepared for the next step based on the three-dimensional model for CAE analysis and application of three-dimensional results.
Project acceptance site
China power construction group northwest survey and design research institute co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "northwest institute"), founded in 1950, is a member of China power construction group (stock) co., LTD., one of the world's top 500 enterprises.
After years of market and business expansion, northwest institute has transformed from a traditional hydropower survey and design institute into a scientific and technological engineering company integrating survey and design, general contracting, investment and operation. In water, wind, light, such as geothermal energy comprehensive utilization, water ecological environment engineering, solar thermal, trash, synthesis utilization, urban underground pipe rack and regional social and economic planning in stark technology characteristic, has for the government, providing engineering solutions for comprehensive ability and the domestic first-class level.
Description of project
This project based on the northwest school of urban construction bridge station "NaTingHe bridge project", based on the 3 d collaborative top-down design of bridge construction, in the absence of drawings, directly on the dassault systems 3 DE platform based on skeleton baseline for all professional 3 d collaborative design, and the final 3 d design results directly on the platform of VR report shows, let the designer to realize real immersion design.
Project implementation content
Job site
The project management
Quickly define the work plan of the bridge project, including time, personnel, task, etc., by making WBS template on 3DE platform;
Establish a unified project management platform, conduct whole-process management and monitoring of the project design plan, improve the project management level and design efficiency;
Conduct project monitoring, including single project monitoring and multi-project monitoring.
Data management
Based on unified product structure data, it can effectively control the release and change of 3d models and related documents generated in the design process, and realize the approval and online browsing of design data to ensure the quality of design data.
Strengthen the management of the project result data, improve the reuse of the project data, shorten the bridge design cycle, and provide strong support for the project quotation.
3 d collaborative bridge design
Combing and defining the skeleton baseline of the bridge, the three-dimensional collaborative design of the bridge based on the skeleton, to achieve the three-dimensional forward design of the bridge;
Build the bridge component library, sort out and define the templates (input conditions) in the bridge design process, and build a reasonable component library architecture, which is suitable for the three-dimensional design application and maintenance of the bridge;
Bridge design management, guide bridge designers to implement design management (BOM), model calibration, project document management, model change and other contents in 3DE platform.
Project 3d model
3 d bridge model display
Guide bridge designers to add and render materials of bridge models, and output corresponding panoramic photos, AR and VR products to meet the needs of product packaging.
Model rendering
Project window
1. Improved the ability of bridge management and design
(1) improvement of management ability:
Standardize management process and design process, improve enterprise management level.
Effectively manage enterprise knowledge, shorten tender preparation time and improve winning ability.
Improve decision analysis ability to help make the right decision.
(2) design capacity improvement:
Improve the efficiency of collaborative design and shorten the design cycle.
Effective control of design data to reduce engineering changes.
Design knowledge accumulation and reuse, improve the ability of designers.
Project delivery document
2. Realize the three-dimensional forward design of the bridge, based on the skeleton baseline and combined with the component template, quickly realize the creation and change of the bridge model
3 d correlation design based on skeleton baseline
3. Sorted out the classification of bridge component templates, and defined the production method of each type of template in detail, completed the structure of bridge component library and related contents, so as to facilitate the use and maintenance
Bridge frame template library
4. Render the completed bridge on 3DE platform, and implement immersive design product report review based on VR glasses, which has won wide praise from owners and review experts.

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