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Warmly celebrate anto group in the high-tech industry won the customer award "best partner"!

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Awardpresentationsiteofavichisensephotoelectrictechnologyco.,LTD Left:Mr.Wangqi,salesmanagerofantogroup.Right:Mr.Qiuzhenlong,generalmanagerofhisense OnJanuary9,2019,antogroupwasawardedthe"bestpartnera


Award presentation site of avic hisense photoelectric technology co., LTD
Left: Mr. Wang qi, sales manager of anto group. Right: Mr. Qiu zhenlong, general manager of hisense
On January 9, 2019, anto group was awarded the "best partner award" by avic hisense photoelectric technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as avic hisense) by Mr. Qiu zhenlong, general manager of avic hisense. The PLM project of hisense of China was started in February 2017. Through multi-party investigation and careful evaluation, hisense of China held an open tender. After fierce competition, we finally chose 3DEXPERIENCE platform of dassault system and Antoine as service implementers to carry out the project.
As an important partner of hisense, anto group's award is based on 3DEXPERIENCE project, which is inseparable from the full cooperation and support of the sales and technical support team. This award represents anto's excellent team service and outstanding working attitude, which will help the company to strive for more advantages and competitiveness in the future cooperation of new projects of avic hisense.
Anto group has been focusing on the digitization and informatization construction of China's manufacturing industry for more than 20 years, and has grown into the most important solution and service provider of PLM in China's manufacturing industry, accumulating the earliest technology and experience in enterprise digitization construction. Especially in the application of MBD (model-based definition), antor group is one of the earliest service providers in China in the formulation of standards and specifications, the design of overall scheme, the definition of software environment and other aspects. Meanwhile, it has accumulated a lot of cases and experience in enterprise IPD management, dmu-based collaborative design and development, digital process design, manufacturing execution management, EPC general contracting platform construction and other aspects.
With the proposal of national 2025 strategy, enterprises pay more and more attention to the digital construction of product development. Anto group also has the opportunity to better serve the aerospace, shipping and Marine, industrial equipment, transportation, high-tech, Bridges and tunnels, energy and other industries. At present, Antoine has been able to provide comprehensive consulting, design, implementation and other services for the overall plan of enterprise informatization, helping enterprises to realize the transformation and upgrading to intelligent research and development and intelligent manufacturing.
In the New Year, the company will, as always, adhering to the "from beginning to end, trust at ease" purpose, wholeheartedly serve customers, make due contributions to the development of China intelligent manufacturing!
About Antoine group:
Founded in 1978, Antoine group is the first Chinese company to introduce dassault system software to China. Now it has grown into the highest level platinum partner of dassault system and an excellent 3DEXPERIENCE platform implementation service expert. Anto group has been committed to providing customers with a comprehensive 3DEXPERIENCE solution for product life cycle, covering hardware, software and technical services. With the gradual clarity of the national industrial upgrading strategy, Antoine group is more focused on product life cycle management, and continues to improve Antoine's 3DE solutions around "customer innovation and development". Anto expects to help its customers stand out from the competition through continuous efforts.

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