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In June 2016, Dassault Greater China 3D Experience Summit Forum was successfully held

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  On June 2nd, “Excellent Business, Experience Peak” 2016 Dassault Greater China 3D Experience Summit Forum was grandly opened at the Shanghai International Convention Center, a landmark building in Shanghai. The summit attracted hundreds of well-known corporate executives and professionals from aerospace, marine, automotive, energy, construction, industrial equipment and other industries.

  On June 2nd, “Excellent Business, Experience Peak” 2016 Dassault Greater China 3D Experience Summit Forum was grandly opened at the Shanghai International Convention Center, a landmark building in Shanghai. The summit attracted hundreds of well-known corporate executives and professionals from aerospace, marine, automotive, energy, construction, industrial equipment and other industries.

  As the gold sponsor and partner of Dassault, Anto has successfully invited many leaders and executives from the cooperation units to come to the site to fully support the grand celebration of Dassault 3D Experience Summit.

  In order to set the characteristics of this summit and reach the level of international first-class conferences, the organizers have carefully deployed the integration conferences and processes. The entire venue was divided into two major areas. After the guests signed in, they entered the demonstration area to visit the 3D experience solution. The most eye-catching person interacted with the VR of the car, allowing the participants to experience the innovation and immersive experience. A new revolution brought about by technology. In addition, according to the different platform exhibition areas divided by the industry, the bridge between users and Dassault is set up. Live demonstrations, human-machine simulation, video sharing, face-to-face communication, all-round display of cutting-edge technology, in the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere conveyed the latest application of Dassault products in different industries, so many participants felt unprecedented shock .

Dassault Summit Demonstration Zone and Sub-meeting

  At the main venue, Dassault Systèmes CEO visited the site and shared the value and concept of the 3D experience for “Made in China 2025”. Many professionals from the aviation, shipbuilding, energy and other industries talked about sharing the 3D experience. Practical application cases and results. Dassault Systèmes' business in Greater China has shown rapid growth in recent years. Its leading 3D design and PLM solutions have provided a strong impetus to the development and transformation of China's manufacturing industry and overseas strategies, and have won a good reputation among many domestic partners. 

Dassault Summit main venue

  As the highlight of the summit, Anto as a gold medal sponsor (GOLD SPONSER-DINNER), at the dinner scene unusually brilliant. In the cocktail area of ​​the dinner, Antote set up a display area to interact with the guests on the spot. “Following WeChat, Gifts and Gifts” attracted a lot of guests to stop. Everyone took out the mobile phone and swept to receive an Anto care. The prepared millet gift also adds a bit of an active atmosphere to the dinner atmosphere.

Dinner party Anto display area

  In addition, Mr. Wang Yu, CEO of Anto Group, was honored to be invited to give a 10-minute speech on the stage of the dinner, telling the historical story of Anto, attracting laughter from the scene and winning applause. .

  “The introduction of a system, the success of a project depends on the cooperation of the various participants of the project. This is the case in the past, and now and in the future. The Chinese manufacturing 2025 released last year is the first of the Chinese government’s strategy to build a strong country. The ten-year action plan. The so-called goal is bright, but the road is tortuous. The realization of this great vision requires all our manufacturing participants to make painstaking efforts to implement the plan in the program to a specific one. In the project and system. This is a long-term process. As a member of the PLM ecosystem, Anto is willing to cooperate with world-class companies including Dassault Systèmes to continuously lead the 3D experience platform and 3D experience solutions. Best practices and methodologies are introduced to everyone; more willing to share our long-term accumulated technology and management experience with new and old friends present, combining world-class technology with the actual work of customers to make these 3D experience solutions truly Solve the practical problems encountered by everyone in design and production, and create true for customers. Value. "Wang Yu said.

Anto CEO speaks

  The same day dinner and Anto became the highlights of many industry big coffee, they either expressed their feelings, or toasted, or laughed and laughed at the home, which brought them closer to each other and promoted communication and understanding for the future. Cooperation and development provide a good opportunity!

  The dinner lasted until around 10 pm, and in the joy and harmony of the host and guest, the 2016 Dassault Greater China 3D Experience Summit Forum was successfully concluded.

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