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Three-dimensional process design system of a group of China Ordnance Industry

Industrial equipment
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Customerintroduction  Agroupcompanyisastate-ownedlargeenterprisedirectlyundertheChinaOrdnanceIndustryGroupCorporation.  ProjectObjectives  Throughtheimplementationofthisproject,athree-dimensionalassem

  Customer introduction

  A group company is a state-owned large enterprise directly under the China Ordnance Industry Group Corporation.

  Project Objectives

  Through the implementation of this project, a three-dimensional assembly and machining process design system will be established, and relevant work processes and specifications will be established and improved to ensure timely and accurate communication and communication between the process research institute and the product research institute, and to successfully receive the three-dimensional digital-analog form. Design data to achieve the Group's goal of digital manufacturing and the establishment of digital enterprises.

  1) Establish a digital process design platform to realize the three-dimensional digital design of the product production process;

  2) Establish an environment for virtual manufacturing and simulation verification, and implement digital virtual manufacturing and verification of DELMIA-based products.

  Realize full three-dimensional virtual simulation;

  Achieve design and manufacturing parallelism. Reduce coordination time, increase design speed, reduce errors and changes;

  3) Open up the data flow between enterprise design-manufacturing-site-collaborative management and other information systems to realize data sharing and effective use;

  4) Explore the process specification for the establishment and formation of three-dimensional process planning and simulation for the user.


  Based on DELMIA software, build 3D process platform system, including product data batch import, MBOM construction, 3D process planning and component allocation, assembly simulation verification, machine plus process programming and IPM model generation, 3D process annotation, 3D process detailed compilation and output, Change management and a whole set of processes.

  User revenue

  1) Shorten the time to market for new products;

  2) Reduce the development costs and risks of new products;

  3) Optimize product design to facilitate processing;

  4) Optimize production line configuration and layout to reduce production line preparation and downtime;

  5) Increase the productivity of production line equipment and greatly increase productivity;

  6) Improve the working environment of workers and improve product quality.