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Sany Heavy Industry Digital Factory Case

Industrial equipment
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Customerintroduction  Foundedin1989,SanyGroupisamechanicalequipmentmanufacturingindustrywiththethemeof“engineering”.Ithasnowfullyenteredthethreemajorequipmentmanufacturingfieldsofconstructionmachinery

  Customer introduction

  Founded in 1989, Sany Group is a mechanical equipment manufacturing industry with the theme of “engineering”. It has now fully entered the three major equipment manufacturing fields of construction machinery, ocean and energy. Globally, Sany has 30 overseas subsidiaries with operations covering 150 countries. It has invested in R&D and manufacturing bases in India, the United States, Germany, Brazil and Indonesia.

  Project Objectives

  Digital factory technology is a brand-new planning concept. Based on the relevant data of the product life cycle, according to the virtual manufacturing principle, the entire production process is planned, analyzed, evaluated and optimized in the virtual environment, so that it is continuously verified and modified. Guide factory planning and on-site improvement, and finally deliver a reasonable, green and environmentally friendly planning solution to customers for later construction.

  The digital factory includes product process analysis, process layout planning, process review, production operation planning, production line planning and verification, etc., building a bridge between product design and actual product manufacturing, covering process planning to process display full business process.


  1) Establish a digital process design platform to realize the three-dimensional digital design of the production process of heavy industry products;

  2) Establish an environment for virtual manufacturing and simulation verification, and implement digital virtual manufacturing and verification of DELMIA-based products.

  a) Implement a full three-dimensional virtual simulation;

  b) Implement design and manufacturing parallelism. Reduce coordination time, increase design speed, reduce errors and changes;

  c) implement a manufacturing-oriented design;

  d) achieving a maintenance-oriented design;

  3) Explore the establishment and formation of specifications adapted to digital virtual manufacturing and simulation;

  4) Establish a long-term training and on-site support team to train and promote the simulation;

  User revenue

  1) The value brought by digital factory technology

  2) Shorten the time to market for new products;

  3) Reduce development costs and risks of new products;

  4) Optimize product design to facilitate processing;

  5) Optimize production line configuration and layout to reduce production line preparation and downtime;

  6) Increase the productivity of production line equipment and greatly increase productivity;

  7) Improve the working environment of workers and improve product quality.