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Human Machine Engineering Simulation Case of a Chinese Institute of Weapons

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First,thecustomerprofile  AresearchinstituteofChinaOrdnanceIndustryisalarge-scalecomprehensiveresearchinstituteengagedinnationaldefensetechnologyresearch.Ithasdevelopedintoamoderncomprehensiveresearch

  First, the customer profile

  A research institute of China Ordnance Industry is a large-scale comprehensive research institute engaged in national defense technology research. It has developed into a modern comprehensive research institute with large scale, strong technical force and integrated electromechanical integration.

  Second, the project background

  In recent years, with the continuous development of the mechanization, informatization and intelligent development of weapons and equipment, the performance of weapons and equipment has been greatly improved, which has brought about higher requirements for the physiological and psychological endurance of operators. The limitation of human ability in the use of weapons and equipment is also becoming more and more obvious, and has gradually become an important factor restricting the effective performance of weapons and equipment. In order to change this situation, designers began to re-examine the human factors in the weapon system with multiple angles such as people, weapons and equipment, and comprehensively consider and coordinate the relationship between weapons and people from the perspective of weapon systems. The level of design and development of weapons and equipment has risen to a new level.

  Third, the solution

  Analyze the practical needs of a research institute in China's weapon industry in terms of ergonomics. With its years of experience in information technology construction in the digital manufacturing industry and rich practical application experience in the field of ergonomics, Anto has adopted advanced technology. The cable DELMIA technology platform is used to construct the ergonomics simulation software system. In the ergonomic environment, people and machines can fully play their respective roles and coordinate work, and can perform human-computer interaction performance, operability, accessibility, Visibility, comfort analysis, rapid and accurate analysis and evaluation of human-machine efficiency; establish an integrated virtual assembly simulation environment, dynamic assembly path design, optimization and dynamic and static interference inspection to determine the optimal assembly process; Establish an internal product assembly simulation process and ergonomic template to enable the company's best experience to be reused and passed on; provide a new equipment maintenance training program.

  Fourth, the application prospects

  With the application of a research institute in China in the field of 3D assembly, it is possible to carry out stereoscopic analysis and evaluation of products through virtual reality technology, and realize immersive VR interactive based on DELMIA on the basis of effectively utilizing existing software and hardware resources. Experience, while combining DELMIA with the current associated design platform to comprehensively enhance product design efficiency and process quality. The composition of the virtual reality system is shown below: