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Artificial intelligence is on the eve of the outbreak, the market is developing too fast, and the industry is worried.

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  Today, with the maturity of cloud computing and big data development, technology giants are looking for the direction of the next technology. However, in several major technology trends, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are more subdivided, and compared with virtual reality, the future potential of artificial intelligence may be greater.

  Today, with the maturity of cloud computing and big data development, technology giants are looking for the direction of the next technology. However, in several major technology trends, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are more subdivided, and compared with virtual reality, the future potential of artificial intelligence may be greater.

  Artificial intelligence is on the eve of the outbreak, the market is developing too fast, and the industry is worried.

  Recently, Intel announced that it will acquire artificial intelligence startup Nervana Systems, and just recently, Apple just announced that it will acquire artificial intelligence company Turi. Other giants such as IBM, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, etc. have also deployed artificial intelligence fields; in China, Alibaba has just upgraded its Ai to ET and expanded its artificial intelligence capabilities, and Baidu has also invested heavily in artificial intelligence. ......

  For Alibaba Cloud, ET is a product that combines two emerging technologies of big data and artificial intelligence. It not only has intelligent voice interaction, image/video recognition, traffic prediction, sentiment analysis and other skills, but also has global insight and real-time decision-making ability. There has also been a great increase. As Alibaba Cloud President Hu Xiaoming said, ET represents Alibaba Cloud's artificial intelligence technology, and it is also Alibaba Cloud's attitude toward the future.

  For Intel, in the face of the PC market recession, we must find new growth points to support the company's business development. Under the wave of cloud computing and big data, Intel continues to exert its strength in the data center field and has achieved good achievement. In the latest Intel earnings report, the data center group continues to grow, accounting for nearly one-third of the company's revenue. However, this obviously does not meet the expectations for business growth, especially when its IoT business has not been fully affected by the big environmental impact.

  In fact, today, as cloud computing and big data development become more mature, technology giants are looking for the direction of the next technology. PwC said in the report earlier this year that looking forward to 2016, core trends such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and industry consolidation will continue to promote mergers and acquisitions and integration of the global technology market. From the actual development point of view, the actions of the above-mentioned technology giants have fully proved this point.

  However, in several major technology trends, virtual reality and artificial intelligence are more subdivided, while the Internet of Things is a big basket. The coverage is too broad, but many giants do not know where to start. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence can even be seen as two entry points into the field of Internet of Things. The giants will cut through these two more subdivided areas and will have more opportunities to compete in the Internet of Things market in the future.

  Between virtual reality and artificial intelligence, virtual reality is mainly concentrated on the two levels of smart wearable devices and VR content. Perhaps a VR platform can be added in the middle as the nerve center of the entire VR industry. However, I have to admit that the field of virtual reality applications is biased towards personal applications, and belongs to leisure and entertainment. The industries involved are mainly games, video, e-commerce, education and other fields; artificial intelligence is different.

  Artificial intelligence is relatively extensive: artificial intelligence is the law of studying human intelligence activities, constructing artificial systems with certain intelligence, and researching how to let computers complete the work that requires human intelligence in the past, that is, how to apply computer hardware and software. The basic theories, methods, and techniques that mimic some of human intelligence.

  As early as fifty years ago, artificial intelligence has been proposed, robots, computers, the Internet... one application after another emerged, artificial intelligence has always been tepid, but decades of accumulation, especially cloud computing, big data The application of emerging technologies has laid a solid foundation for the development of artificial intelligence: cloud computing solves the problem of large-scale computing, and big data is trying to solve how to abstract more valuable and meaningful information from complex information. The problem of artificial intelligence terminals and intelligent systems is being solved, and the Internet can let these terminals realize the interconnection of information...

  The development of artificial intelligence is entering the eve of the outbreak, especially it can form a close integration with all walks of life. The automotive, medical, education and other industries are areas where there are many artificial intelligence application scenarios. More than that, all people-related work, Life scenes, etc. can be integrated into the application of artificial intelligence, which has surpassed the traditional industry boundaries or corporate boundaries. I would like to ask, is there any field that does not involve anyone at all?

  However, the rapid development of artificial intelligence has also worried many people in the industry. People are worried that artificial intelligence may destroy human work, may destroy human life, and may even destroy human beings. This kind of worry is not unreasonable, but for now, in the days when artificial intelligence is still not popular and used by people, it is too early to worry that people will control artificial intelligence in the future.

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