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In September 2016, Shanghai Anto helped Hisense Broadband successfully launch the PLM project.

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  The first phase of Hisense Broadband PLM project was successfully launched as scheduled – marking the success of the 4th Dassault ENOVIA PLM system project implemented by Shanghai Anto Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Antuo) in Hisense Group since 2009,

  The first phase of Hisense Broadband PLM project was successfully launched as scheduled – marking the success of the 4th Dassault ENOVIA PLM system project implemented by Shanghai Anto Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Antuo) in Hisense Group since 2009, respectively : Hisense TV Phase I and Phase II; Hisense Set Top Box; Hisense Broadband Multimedia; Hisense Hitachi Air Conditioning.

Figure 1 The first phase of the on-line meeting of Hisense Broadband PLM project

  On September 28th, 2016, in the conference room No.1 of Qingdao Hisense Broadband Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. (Hisense Broadband), the “First Stage of Hisense Broadband PLM Project” was held as scheduled. Hisense Group Information Department, Hisense Broadband, Dassault Systèmes Leaders from Shanghai Anto and other project team experts attended the meeting.

Figure 2 Project implementation progress

  Hisense Broadband PLM project started in July 2015. Hisense broadband has been selected by many parties and carefully evaluated. Among the many competitors, Dassault Systèmes' ENOVIA PLM platform and Shanghai Anto as the implementation service provider were selected. Since December 18, 2015, Hisense Broadband, Dassault Systèmes and senior executives of Anto have given high priority. Hisense Broadband and Shanghai Antoo have all invested in the elite. After 9 months of hard work, the project team has experienced requirements research, blueprint design, system design, system testing, system training, formal library preparation and historical data import. Now, the formal system is ready, the historical data is successfully imported, and the project team completes the tasks of the first phase. After repeated tests, it reaches the first stage of the online indicators.

Figure 3 Business blueprint planning

  The first phase of the Hisense Broadband PLM system was launched, which laid a solid foundation for the final success of the whole system, and marked the official entry of the Dassault ENOVIA PLM system into the daily R&D work of Hisense broadband R&D personnel. Dassault's ENOVIA PLM system will provide strong support to Hisense's broadband R&D system in product development, quality control and project management. R&D personnel will complete the entire product requirements, concept design and mature products through Dassault's ENOVIA PLM system. R&D process; quality personnel conduct product quality management through Dassault's ENOVIA PLM management control test plan and control plan; project management personnel conduct product delivery and phase review at each stage of the Dassault ENOVIA PLM system. During the meeting, both leaders affirmed the hard work of the project team and the importance of the future Hisense broadband PLM system, and encouraged Hisense broadband end users to use the system as soon as possible to continue their efforts for Hisense broadband to achieve greater glory.

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