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Case Details

Anto successfully implements an airline company's material management project

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  In order to cooperate with an airline's "10th Five-Year" development plan, we will continue to improve the company's professional clothing distribution standards and management, and promote the systematic management of material distribution management as soon as possible. In accordance with the requirements of the company's secondary management, under the leadership of the company's professional apparel committee, the principle of combining the professional centralized management of the functional departments with the effective monitoring of the dressing department is implemented to better reflect the advanced corporate culture of an airline and the good spirit of an airline. Style.

  Anto Company has thoroughly researched and conducted in-depth business research and analysis, and after nearly half a year of development, it successfully launched an airline material management system in June 2008.

  User benefit

  ■ To coordinate the management of physical inventory on the basis of existing inventory in order to facilitate the smooth development of the distribution work.

  ■ Process the distribution of materials and stocks and shipments.

  ■ Practical problems in using the computer to solve the material method: personal distribution, batch distribution.

  ■ The customized standard of the system is based on the material distribution standard, which enables the personnel to correspond to the issuing standards and the distribution of materials.

  ■ Incorporate temporary release personnel into management and distribute the corresponding material distribution standards for implementation.

  ■ Support the development of purchased materials for the systematic management of the brothers of an airline.

  ■ Unified management of all types of materials involved in all materials.

  ■ Global understanding of material distribution and procurement according to the release plan.