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Aviation industry data center migration

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Customerintroduction:  Foundedinthe1970s,alarge-scaleaircraftdesignandresearchinstituteisalarge-andmedium-sizedcivilaircraftdesignandresearchinstitutioninChina.Itundertakesthedesign,testandpre-researc

  Customer introduction:

  Founded in the 1970s, a large-scale aircraft design and research institute is a large- and medium-sized civil aircraft design and research institution in China. It undertakes the design, test and pre-research tasks of large-scale passenger aircraft projects of major national large-scale aircraft.

  Adhere to the development path of "having Chinese characteristics and embody technological progress", take independent innovation as the strategic cornerstone, actively absorb various domestic and foreign advantages resources and innovative elements, and strive to break through the mastery of a number of key technologies for aircraft development, and strive to create first-class The overall design capability, superior system integration capability, unique test verification capability and rapid application transformation capability, strive to create a first-class talent team, build a first-class independent brand, build a first-class research and development center, and build a first-class aviation enterprise.

  Due to historical reasons, data center rooms have been established in different places. The newly built data center needs to concentrate equipment and personnel in several places, which faces many difficulties and problems in the process of data center relocation.

  Faced with problems:

  1. Geographical dispersion

  The original data center computer room is scattered in different places, and requires sufficient research and planning before the relocation to ensure that no equipment is missed during the relocation process, and the progress of the relocation is guaranteed according to the plan.

  2, a large number of devices

  There are many types of equipment involved in the relocation, and there are many types of equipment of similar equipment. The specific information is as follows:

  Switches: Access switches (Cisco, H3C), aggregation switches (Cisco, H3C), core switches (Cisco, H3C)

  Servers: x86 rack servers (IBM, HP, Lenovo, Inspur), x86 tower servers (IBM, HP), x86 blade servers (IBM, HP), workstation servers (IBM, HP, Lenovo), minicomputer servers (IBM , HP)

  Storage: entry level (IBM, EMC, HP, Valley), high-end (IBM, EMC)

  Network security equipment: firewall (Junpier, Tianrongxin, Neusoft), audit (Neusoft, NetShen, Tianrongxin), behavior control

  3, business system requirements are high

  There are many business systems involved in the relocation, including the application of the whole hospital and departmental applications, and most of them belong to the core business system. Therefore, the business system in the relocation process is required to operate normally without delaying related work.

  4, the overall layout planning

  The new data center room is based on existing equipment and is ready for future expansion. Therefore, the equipment layout of the equipment room is required to be neat and reasonable.

  Relocation plan:

  Data center overall relocation strategy

  First, through interviews, questionnaires, site surveys, and existing data analysis, we have a comprehensive solution to the data center infrastructure of the original divisions. On this basis, comprehensive analysis is carried out from the aspects of IT infrastructure, application relationship, business interruption impact, system protection status, physical equipment sharing relationship, equipment redundancy, existing equipment room environment, personnel organization structure and relocation risk. Through comprehensive consideration of various aspects, the overall relocation strategy of the data center is formulated, including the relocation method of each application, the relocation batch, the temporary backup strategy during the relocation phase, the data protection method during the relocation process, the relocation organization structure, the relocation emergency plan, etc. Important strategy. As shown below:


  Emergency plan for relocation:

  Physical damage and data loss during equipment relocation are one of the main risks in the relocation process. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare corresponding emergency equipment and environment in advance according to the needs of the business system before relocation. The contingency plan mainly includes four levels:

  ■ A hardware failure occurs during the equipment relocation process and is immediately replaced with spare parts;

  ■ In the absence of spare parts, replacement of spare parts is too long, and replacement of spare parts is invalid, an emergency environment is immediately adopted for system recovery;

  ■If heavy rain, traffic jams, customs clearance or other factors cause the relocation to be impossible, it is necessary to suspend the relocation or carry out the system retreat;

  ■ Arrange for special personnel to respond to the entire relocation process, emergency response, event monitoring and rapid processing.

  User effect:

  ■ System smooth migration

  ■The equipment is placed in the area according to the function.