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Case Details

Magestic product users --- Northwest Aircraft Manufacturing Company

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  In April 2008, Anto officially became the Chinese agent of Magestic. In May 2008, an aircraft manufacturing company in Northwest China purchased TruLASER and TruNEST products simultaneously, becoming the first user of Magestic's TruNEST products in China and also became Magestic. The company's products are the most important customers in China.

  According to the requirements of the international aerospace manufacturing cooperation project, the northwestern aircraft manufacturing company realizes the same platform data exchange with the contractor, does not produce data loss and error, and needs to apply Dassault Systemes' composite material solution software. Configuration software, the features provided include:

  ■ It can realize the design and application of composite parts from detailed conceptual design to engineering detailed design and composite manufacturing design, and can model and output the layering information.

  ■ It can process composite parts information generated by composite material design modules of leading international aviation manufacturers, such as entities, laminates, core layers, cuts and margins.

  ■ Ability to expand hyperboloids, analyze the performance of the layup and the position of the cut, automatically cut the cut and add allowance to the cut

  ■ It can input and output 3D and 2D data exchange files such as *.DXF, *.DWG, *.IGS

  ■ Can be accurately used for reading and converting composite digital analog

  However, it cannot provide the needs of an aircraft manufacturing company in Northwest China for the production and manufacture of composite materials:

  1. Automatic typesetting and blanking;

  2. The function of laser projection positioning when laying layers.

  As the gold partner of Dassault Systemes software, Magestic specializes in providing solutions for all phases of the composite manufacturing process. It is the only auxiliary software for DS's composite modules that provides comprehensive solutions and functions such as laser projection and automatic blanking. software.

  The universal matching of TruLASER and TruNEST products with data in common formats such as *.DXF, *.IGS and other common CAD systems, automatic processing of the typesetting ability beyond the material width, and its powerful and flexible functions customized according to customer requirements. It has won the purchase of users including all the leading international aviation manufacturers.

  Together with Dassault Systemes' composite solution software, TruLASER and TruNEST products provide a complete solution for the manufacture and manufacture of composite materials from composites to composites for aerospace manufacturing companies in the Northwest. Classic scheme and configuration on the project.