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IMS software user---An aircraft equipment company in Central China

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  In November 2004, Anto became the general agent of IMS in China. After nearly three years of cooperation with IMS, Anto has established a standardized and perfect technical service and professional training system in China, and successfully established a Chinese aviation enterprise. In 2006, 2007 and 2008, we held three sessions of one-week training in Beijing, Zhengzhou and Shanghai. At the same time, we have already established a mature customer base in aviation manufacturing enterprises:

  ■ Northwest Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd. (IMS's first user in China's aviation industry, 2005)

  ■ Hunan Engine Co., Ltd. (2006)

  ■ An aircraft manufacturing plant in East China (IMS post development service users: 2006; software procurement, training: 2008)

  ■ An Aircraft Equipment Co., Ltd. in Huazhong (IMS full product user, 2007)

  Among them, an aircraft equipment limited liability company in Central China is the most complete user of IMS products. In the IMS product solution provided to the company, it includes not only the most advanced post-program development software 201R and multi-point floating license in the product series. It also includes the company's development of software application training, consulting and new five-axis machine tool post-processing procedures.

  The development tool software 201R supports the integration of simulation and verification of machining processes including machine tools, card loading, and tools, enabling DELMIA's MPS (NC Machine tool simulation) to complete the functions of machining machine simulation.

  In the service project we provided to the company, we developed the post processing program of its existing DMU80P five-axis machining machine, and verified the correctness of its post-processing program on-site, solving the problem of long-term troubles for customers; ensuring the generation The NC and inspection procedures can be used directly for on-site production.

  For all three typical parts, complete the implementation of all solutions from process planning to detailed process design, generation of NC code and inspection procedures, and guidance of machine tools to produce qualified parts.

  Based on the realization of the above functions, the company has ensured that the company's application of CATIA+DELMIA “Building a three-dimensional digital numerical control process design and numerical control machining process simulation environment” has achieved a successful result, and completed the three-dimensional digital machining process operation, realizing the “甩 drawing”; The use of virtual processing and quality pre-analysis technology ensures that the technical data of the production line is qualified once; the CNC machining has fully realized “paperless manufacturing”; the digital production management system of the workshop has been fully established and “real-time control” has been realized;

  The 3D numerical control process system has built a database of process knowledge experts of PPR (product, process, resource) structure, including digital model of product parts, digital model of in-process, typical processing technology of group parts, library of part feature processing methods, cutting parameter library, based on Physical tools, tools, fixtures, measuring tools and other resource libraries, as well as plant, production line models, etc., all personnel can be directly reused through the network, and through continuous use to achieve intelligent growth, truly formed the core manufacturing capabilities of the factory.