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Secondary Development
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Secondary Development

Product description

  Dassault PLM products including CATIA, ENOVIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, 3DVIA, etc. are widely used in domestic and foreign manufacturing customers. As the largest cooporation partner of Dassault PLM products in China, Atoz has established a special PLM development department to provide secondary development services for Dassault PLM products. With rich application and development experience, our team has won recognition and appreciation from many users in the industries of aircraft manufacturing, spacecraft manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, marine engineering and shipbuilding, and electrical/electronic manufacturing.

  Our Experience Includes:

  Computer Aided Design Tools (CAD/CAPP/CAE):

  1. Simplify the interactive operation steps, improve the human-machine interface, combine the general design functions provided by the CAD environment, use the input of main parameters to realize the automatic design process, customize the user interface according to user's requirements, and verify the validity of data input and the formatted output of the result. For example: Fast shape design, involute gear design, etc.

  2. Custom design templates and standard parts library to reduce repetitive design; common design operation steps, frequent design of parts and design specifications and rules, customized in CAD system, saved in file library or template for design references and usage. For example: Design templates for molded fixture, typical mechanism template, product local feature and many more.

  3. Expand development based on the accumulation of long-term industry application experience, integrate industry design experience and knowledge into CAD systems, and become the industry's best practice solution. For example: casting simulation and stamping analysis software module based on CATIA platform.

  4. Exchange data between CAD system and other CAD tools and product data management systems; extraction of design data in CAD systems for special needs. Typical application: Spatial positional relationship of parts and sub-assemblies in an assembly is exported to a specific format file, and the product structure-tree and connection relationship to be managed in the PDM system.

  5. Customized development of special CAD functions, due to the particular needs from customers, it's not for wide range of CAD applications and markets.

  Product Data and Information Management Platform Products (PDM/MES):

  1. Application function supplement and customization, statistical analysis and summary of management data, display and printout of various formatting tables. Such as: output of various BOM report data, and display statistical charts.

  2. Process customization and development, and process-related events for data driven and state triggering, process and product design life cycle relationship processing.

  3. PDM data import and export, batch processing of data integration of PDM front-end application systems. Such as: data transfer between heterogeneous PDM systems, and transfer data between PDM and ERP systems.

  4. The function development and expansion of the user's special business requirements. As a management platform, PDM needs to adapt to the user's best management mode, business process and industry specifications to a certain extent. Therefore, the PDM system needs to be customized to facilitate implementation.

  Simply put, we can help our customers to achieve the following goals through secondary development service based on Dassault PLM products:

  1. Create applications, including design user interfaces, customizing the best practice and application templates.

  2. Extend/customize the data model to describe the user's physical system.

  3. Integration with other external systems.

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