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Outsourcing Service
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Outsourcing Service

Product description

  Relying on the strong design capabilities and rich project management experience of Atoz's design team, we provide the following design outsourcing services:

  1. General parts design

  According to customer's needs, the structural design and two-dimensional drawing of general parts are being carried out.

Figure 1 Part design

  2. Structural design

  Design of structural parts according to customer's requirements, including smoothing of Class A surfaces.

Figure 2 Car body design

  3. Tooling design

  According to customer's needs, we design all kinds of tools needed in the manufacturing and processing process, including molds, fixtures, tools, etc. The purpose is to increase production, efficiency,and quality quality.

Figure 3 Mold design

  4. Electrical and piping design

  Develop electrical and plumbing design environments for customers, and design electrical components or tubes that meet corporate standards based on customer-provided structures and piping pieces.

Figure 4 Piping design

Figure 5 Electrical design

  5. Reverse design based-on physical samples

  CATIA's advanced surface function is used to process the sample data provided by the customer, and the CAD model of the physical object (surface model reconstruction) is reconstructed.

Figure 6 Reverse design of automotive parts

  6. Establishment of enterprise standard parts library.

  Using CATIA's knowledge engineering consultant modulus, based-on product knowledge, parameterized to build and import the component model.

  The establishment of various standard parts and typical component libraries in the catalog to guide the design and processing of products.

Figure 7 Apply standard parts

  7. Establishment of enterprise knowledge base

  Using CATIA knowledge engineering and expert systems, can make mature user experience through PowerCopy or UserFeature functions.

  Templates to achieve reuse and retention of knowledge.

Figure 8 Apply part template to create boxes on wings of aircraft

  8. Digital prototype

  CATIA's digital prototype function is used to assemble the product digital prototype, spacial analysis, simulation of the motion mechanism, and disassembly simulation.

Figure 9 Product space analysis

  9. Data format conversion between CATIAV4/V5/V6 and other CAD software.

  10. NC programming, simulation and post processing in accordance with the enterprise equipment system

Figure 10 CNC simulation

  11. Development, installation and commissioning of five-axis post-processing program.

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