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Design Acceleration Tool Based On CATIA CAA
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Design Acceleration Tool Based On CATIA CAA

Product description

  User's Challenge

  Ever since the widely usage of CATIA V5 in domestic manufacturing industry, users realized the benefits of information technology, especially the advantages of 3D display technology brought to the manufacturing industry. However, majority of users are still facing the following challenges in the actual design process.

  ■ Lots of repetitive modeling and project changes

  ■ The design process is not standardized and the used methods are not uniform

  ■ A large number of industry standards or enterprise standards, long learning cycle

  ■ The core intelligent of the enterprise are located in one's mind

  ■ Design and manufacturing experience cannot be integrated

  ■ Design and analysis coordination repeated iterations, data transfer cycle is too long

  ■ Difficulties in coordination and collaboration of complex product design

  ■ Difficulties in the implementation of concurrent engineering in manufacturing and design

  ■ Challenges was brought by the application of new technologies and concepts

  Product Description

  MFT (MBD Faced Tool-kit), a tool set for MBD, is the collective name for the MBD process support tool formed by the Anto PLM development team.

  Based on the experience and innovative thinking of the Antoin PLM development team, MTF gathers the needs and experience of the domestic aviation manufacturing industry from the design office to the manufacturing plant in the CATIA V5 technology application promotion process, and integrates many cases of the Anto PLM development team. Supports most processes from the overall to the manufacturing process based on the MBD development process.

  Main toolkit introduction

  First, the shape design kit

  Complex product shape design involves a large number of surface operations, including some complex geometric transformations. SDT presents the common operational combinations of form design to the shape design engineer in a closed command to achieve rapid, standard and simple design. Includes functional modules such as airfoil design, overall parametric analysis, custom curve design, and cockpit design analysis.

  Second, the associated design toolkit

  The CATIA+VPM-based association design involves multiple professions and levels, such as overall and structure. Each role has corresponding work specifications and elements to be released. RDT takes into account the operations involved in the associated design of each role and provides a range of auxiliary operating tools for quickly completing the canonical associated design. It includes functional elements such as skeleton element extraction, skeleton element release, skeleton element reference, and associated design specification check.


  Third, the design acceleration kit

  A collection of first-line designers, a strong demand in the product design process, formed a series of software tools to support designers to quickly complete product design. Including tree maintenance, attribute management, design transformation, information browsing and other functions.

  Fourth, the model quality inspection toolkit

  Based on MBD product design, all information is stored in the MBD model, requiring the information in the model to be comprehensive, standardized and correct. It is unrealistic to rely solely on the designer's manual guarantee. MQT, based on a configurable multi-schema check item database, assists the designer in quickly completing the normalization of MBD model parameters and structure trees in a human, friendly way. Including feature tree check, parameter item check, geometric element check, 3D mark check, configurable check items, PDM server-side check and other functions.


  Five, unified standard parts library system

  The standard parts library plays an important role in the MBD-based design system. The system can ensure that in the enterprise with multiple research models at the same time, the standard parts library system is the only standard data source, and the standard parts can be managed separately for multiple models by means of the model selection list. The way of the interface, the standard component entities can be imported into the model design data server for design selection. Fast positioning of entity standards through client plug-ins. With this system, the standardization staff only needs to be unique to the system without having to separately maintain the standard component entities in each model design data server. Including standard parts data management, standard parts in and out of the warehouse management, model selection list management, standard parts data interface, standard parts rapid assembly and other modules.

  Sixth, fast design software based on lightweight expression fasteners

  Fasteners are an important part of an important standard in aircraft. In MBD mode, fasteners need to be defined in a 3D model. FDS, using CATIA feature correlation technology, simplifies the structure of the fasteners, and simplifies the geometric features in the lower part of the part node to form a set of rapid design software around fastener design, editing, analysis and information viewing. It includes functional modules such as fastener selection, analysis and simulation, combined knowledge management, user data management, and fast 3D assembly.

  Seven, product color standard kit

  The product color marking tool uses the color attribute of the part as a means of expressing engineering information, and can classify and color the parts according to different classification criteria, and can switch the display of the color of the parts according to the transformation of the coloring scheme, and become a part display and information. An effective means of rapid expression. At the same time, it supports color-coded operations on lightweight digital models. Including color standard assignment, color code scheme management, multi-program display, parts quick search and other functions.

  Eight, three-dimensional annotation enhancement kit

  Dimensions, views, and capture are an important part of the MBD model. FTT expands the inherent capabilities of the CATIA FTA module and includes a number of efficient and easy-to-use 3D annotation enhancements to assist designers in quickly completing many of the tasks in 3D annotation. Includes views and captures, universal annotations, technical annotations and more.

  Nine, model comparison toolkit

  In MBD mode, design changes require an intuitive representation. MCT, based on CAA CGM technology, performs geometric comparison from the bottom of the model, and automatically calibrates the continuous region, and saves the difference region in the model feature tree in the form of custom features. Based on this, MCT can provide a series of post-processing functions including 2D image output, 3D feature difference annotation, and differential report output. Including automatic loading of old versions from VPM, difference comparison, difference feature output, difference report output, based on assembly batch comparison and other functions.

  Ten, tooling rapid design software

  Integrate the specification of the enterprise tooling design process, integrate the best application method of CATIA, and develop through CAA. Integrate user core knowledge into software module functions, establish fast, standard, and standardized tooling design software, improve design efficiency, and establish industry norms. Including initial tooling tree, 3D specification design, tooling part blank calculation, 2D drawing automatic drawing, OTP definition, auxiliary design and other functional modules.

  Typical user

  East China Aircraft Design and Research Institute

  A model design institute in East China

  East China Aircraft Industry Group Corporation

  Northeast Automotive Engineering Research Institute

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