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Technical support software
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Technical support software

Product description

  Project Overview:

  A large amount of technical information data is generated, transmitted and used in the product design process, including drawings, process cards, training manuals, and so on. These technical materials and technical manuals are an important part of the product design process. In the field of product design with large systems, a large number of technical data documents will encounter great difficulties in the process of preparation, transportation, use and maintenance. Through standardized and reasonable management of back-end data, technical support software can maintain a large number of technical data documents, and can update data in real time, easy to search and browse, and provide better technical support for logistics support work.

  Project implementation:

  The project was carried out on the EPDM platform independently developed by Anto. After 6 months of implementation and trial operation, it was successfully launched. The project's features include:

  1) Classification management: Classification management performs classification management for different categories of files, including creating file classifications, authorizing operations for different roles of classification files, and file classification will be displayed in a tree structure.

  2) Document management: Data editors with appropriate permissions can perform various operations on different document types, including adding, modifying, deleting, and version management.

  3) File browsing: Supports browsing of files in multiple data formats, such as documents, 2D drawings, 3D models, and audio and video files. In the process of 3D model browsing, the related background model can also be loaded, the device model entity is highlighted, the model is rotated, and the cut surface is displayed.

  4) Model library management: The system can add object types to 3D models and manage them. The 3D model can be correlated with the lightweight digital model file, so that the user can browse the designed device or other structure under the 3D Composer plug-in in the context of visualizing the 3D model.

  5) Lightweight model management: The lightweight model module is mainly used to manage the lightweight model, and realize the basic functions of uploading, modifying, and deleting lightweight. The uploaded lightweight model will be displayed according to the digital model type.

  6) 3D model interaction: It is possible to identify the 3D model in the 3D browsing plug-in, including name or figure number, highlighting, and so on. The information interaction between the 3D model and the data management system includes loading the model, hiding the model, displaying the whole, playing the animation, and pause the animation.

  7) Data synchronization: When the system is deployed in a non-networked environment, how to update the latest interactive manual information to each other client to ensure the correctness and real-time of the technical data.

  8) System management: including the viewing and management of logs, the viewing and export of all documents of the system, and the function of resetting the system user password.

  9) Administrator settings: Dynamic maintenance of categories, documents and models can be implemented to make the system more flexible.

  10) User and rights management: including user management, role management and rights management, you can add and modify users and roles in this module, and authorize roles.

  System features:

  1) Support for browsing in multiple data formats

  The system integrates a variety of plug-ins to support the browsing of a variety of data format files, including text, forms, images, sound, video and animation.

  2) Support interaction and preview of 3D models

  The system integrates the 3DVIA Composer plug-in to support the operation and preview of 3D models, and can correlate 3D models and lightweight models.

  3) Friendly system interface

  The system adopts B/S architecture design, but fully utilizes the operating experience of the C/S architecture client, greatly improving the usability, the complete Chinese interface and the help documentation can better improve the user's use efficiency, the system modules The page and program structure are clear and the style is consistent.

  4) Strict access control, multiple ways to ensure information security

  The system divides the permissions according to the confidentiality level, and the classification can be separately authorized to ensure the security of the information.

  5) Realize data synchronization between stand-alone and online versions to ensure the correctness and real-time of technical data.

  The system can be released as a network version for collaborative operation and stand-alone version between different users. The database and electronic file packaging synchronization scheme is adopted to ensure the accuracy of the data.

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