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Aircraft wheel design analysis simulation system solution
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Aircraft wheel design analysis simulation system solution

Product description


  A certain type of aircraft has a high take-off speed and a large impact load. It requires high bearing capacity and light weight. In order to design the brake wheel more reasonably, an integrated design must be carried out, and a comprehensive dynamic load is analyzed by using specialized stress and strain analysis software. Design analysis and simulation, fatigue stress and life simulation analysis under the impact of brake temperature alternating shock, accelerated life test simulation analysis, and design a new wheel structure under high overload coefficient and complex working conditions, simulation analysis and optimization, The development of the special analysis software for the wheel is compared with the test results of the wheel tire. The model is continuously revised, the problem is found early, and the landing gear is coordinated to guide and control the development process.

  In order to meet the development cycle requirements, it is now necessary to develop the "Design Analysis Simulation System Software", using the powerful analysis function of abaqus, through secondary development to achieve the above objectives.

  Program design and architecture

  The scheme is to use the finite element software (ABAQUS) secondary development to complete the simulation calculation of the radial wheel load test, radial-lateral load test, burst pressure test and rim rolling test of the aircraft wheel. Among them, radial load, radial-lateral load care intensity and stiffness, burst pressure and rim rolling conditions are only concerned with strength.

  For the convenience of use, the development of an independent operating system, the system achieves the purpose of standardization, serialization and standardization of the calculation process. There should be certain prompt information during the operation of the software. When some key factors affecting the calculation are not considered or omitted, the necessary prompts should be given to avoid the influence of human factors on the calculation results.

  The software consists of the following three parts:

  1. Simulation dynamic real-time loading software

  2. finite element stress analysis secondary application software for wheel and tire

  3. Aviation wheel life analysis software

  The system structure is shown below:

  The three subsystems (simulation dynamic real-time loading, wheel, tire-specific finite element stress analysis, aircraft wheel life analysis) are integrated in the same interface, the menu provides new analysis and open existing analysis functions, and the system file management method is newly created. Create an analysis file storage system and open an existing analysis to read the analysis files stored in the selected path.

  System function / module introduction

  The three subsystem solutions and implementation functions are described as follows:

  Finite element stress analysis system for wheel and tire:

  This function module is based on the general finite element stress and strain analysis software ABAQUS, and can be used for secondary development. The load type can be set, and the CAE model pre-processing program is completed, and the general ABAQUS is called to solve the problem. The specific functions are:

  1. Perform stress and strain analysis on the wheel to optimize the wheel structure even when the tire parameters are not determined. At present, artificial structure optimization is carried out by using the method of constant load and boundary conditions and separate analysis of the wheel components.

  2. Once the existing tires have been modeled (finite element model or numerical simulation) on one wheel, they can be used directly on other wheels without having to model again. That is to construct different types of tires (currently mainly bias tires and radial tires) models, the tires of different specifications are only different parameters.

  3. The software should reduce the manual operation time of repeated modeling and meshing, that is, the automatic process of importing the part (component) solid model from CATIA to the completion of high-quality 4-sided mesh generation. Manually dividing the hexahedral mesh is also possible.

  4. Have your own material library, containing all kinds of rubber materials that are commonly used in metal materials. The material library should be able to modify and add materials.

  5. The entire analysis system should have its own independent operation interface, in which the entity import - material setting - meshing - assembly - contact (motion) settings - solution step settings - load and constraint settings - submit solution - ABAQUS The result is transferred to the process.

  Simulation dynamic real-time loading system

  The time-wheel strain image and the time-load curve can be calculated based on the input load. Wheel - the tire can be rotated; the tire can be calculated as a rigid body.

  The solution is to animate the loaded analysis results by the selected display type. The essence is the analysis result of the secondary application software of the finite element stress analysis of the wheel and tire, and animated display.


  Aircraft wheel life analysis system


  The system implementation functions are:

  1. Load setting is available.

  2. It is possible to calculate the time-stress variation law of each part of the wheel during the one-day change of the loading position on the wheel.

  3. It should bring its own material fatigue database customized by the material manual data at home and abroad, and you can customize the material fatigue database by yourself.

  4. The post-processing program should be able to output the expiration time (follow-up, cycle or time) and other data of each component. The output format is WORD+PDF document format. If time permits, the output should have a life assessment capability under a complex load spectrum.

  The solution is to apply a periodic load to the loaded model, set the load parameters and submit the solution.

  Solution features

  By implementing our “Design Analysis Simulation System Software Solution”, users will be able to meet the finite element analysis requirements of the wheel, thus improving the efficiency of such work.

  The characteristics of this program are:

  ■ Templated wheel simulation process

  ■ Automatically find contact pairs

  ■ Assign contact attributes in tabular mode

  ■ Table mode creation analysis method

  ■ Quickly apply various loads

  ■ Quickly apply various boundaries

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