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ENOVIAV6 Product Lifecycle Management Solution
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ENOVIAV6 Product Lifecycle Management Solution

Product description


  As the pace of change accelerates, companies rely more on intellectual assets to maintain competitive advantage. From product developers, to the entire enterprise ecosystem, to consumers, everyone has the potential to play an important role in bringing marketable products to market at the right time.

  As the most dynamic and flexible product lifecycle management link, the flexibility, open standards, scalability and industry-specific related features provided by the ENOVIA collaboration platform enable today's global companies to successfully target multiple domains. The combination of engineering and other key personnel eliminates barriers between organizations in different geographies, value chains, diverse systems, and ever-increasing security requirements.

  Functional area

  ENOVIA V6 is grouped by functional area according to the relevant application. All products spanning these domains are built using the same technology and can be used as part of an ENOVIA system or separately. The functional areas of ENVOIAV6 include management, global sourcing, IP lifecycle management and unified on-site collaboration.



  The management section enables customers to launch new products on time and on budget with the following features:

  • Plan and track all aspects of the product development process in real time until the product is completed.

  • Listen to your customers and plan for the most sensational new products.

  • Identify the best combination of product features to meet market needs and minimize engineering costs.

  • Ensure product development meets government regulatory requirements.

  • Take advantage of cross-functional expansion of the enterprise in the product development process.

  • Provide global visibility through 3D collaborative intelligence/decision support.

  Global procurement

  The Global Purchasing section uses supply chain capabilities throughout the product lifecycle through the following features:

  • Securely include the supply chain throughout the product lifecycle for effective collaboration.

  • Adopt to provide the latest design information for the supply chain and provide valuable support to the engineering department.

  • Implement a “Supply-Oriented Design” strategy for repeatable, standardized direct material procurement processes entered into by quotient.

  • Actively participate in supplier development by designing, implementing, and tracking supplier performance planning and scorecards.

  Knowledge Asset (IP) Lifecycle Management

  The IP Lifecycle Management section provides IP support for cross-functional collaboration and product release through the following features:

  • Identify and resolve issues early in the development process.

  • Collaborate on multidisciplinary design process data within a single system that spans multiple teams and CAD tools.

  • Manage an interdisciplinary collaborative environment that integrates most existing MCAD/ECAD/EDA applications.

  • Integrate design process data into bill of materials baselines to meet product and manufacturing engineering needs.

  • Reduce costs and facilitate knowledge transfer by categorizing and reusing IP.

  • Leverage product information from other enterprise systems by consolidating IP from other enterprise systems into a master bill of materials.

  • Allow users to easily and quickly search the IP of all products based on keywords and file content to achieve ROI breakthrough.

  Unified real-time collaboration

  The unified real-time collaboration component enables the deployment of product development processes in an extended enterprise through the following features:

  • Provide business process collaboration to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in product approval and review.

  • Eliminate bottlenecks and avoid delays by monitoring business processes.

  • Allows users to easily and quickly search all product IPs based on keywords and file content.

  • Cover the entire enterprise with a single system to ensure data and process consistency.

  • Utilize product information from other enterprise systems by consolidating the IP of other enterprise systems into a master bill of materials.

  • Avoid simple customization and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with simple graphical modeling.

  Supported software and hardware platforms

  ENOVIAV6 runs on all major platforms, including:

  application server

  • Oracle WebLogic

  • IBM WebSphere

  • Oracle Java System

  • Tomcat


  • Firefox

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Mozilla


  • IBM DB2

  • Oracle

  operating system

  • Apple Macintosh

  • Hewlett-Packard HP-UX


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

  • Sun Solaris

  • Microsoft Windows

  Technical characteristics

  Dynamic modeling

  Through the modeling studio, the ENOVIAV6 platform provides the flexibility to easily configure business processes, user interfaces and underlying options to ensure they can meet the needs of the organization at the lowest total cost, now or in the future.

  First-class scalability

  The ENOVIAV6 platform is highly scalable and can add database servers and standard application servers to support load-balancing and geographically distributed deployments. In addition, the file storage service enables efficient distribution of file servers to ensure that all users around the world can easily access large files when needed and make them the closest to those who access them most frequently.

  Optimal performance of large-scale data

  The optimized data model facilitates the performance of large-scale databases.


  • Advanced LDAP integration ensures common identity authentication and management.

  • Single sign-on is supported by all ENOVIA V6 applications.

  • Advanced two-factor smart card verification based on RSAWebagent or TivoliPolicyDirector.

  • Industry standard support for digital certificate technology.

  Universal integration framework

  The universal integration framework enables standards-based integration for a wide range of tools. These tools include MCAD, ECAD, ERP, MES, office applications, and more.

  Standard-based open environment

  The standards-based, open environment of the ENOVIAV6 platform enables organizations to quickly and easily implement PLM policies across a wide range of environments, applications and platforms.

  Industry method

  ENOVIA is used in a variety of industries, particularly in the automotive, aerospace and defense, industrial equipment, high-tech and semiconductor, mass consumer goods, life sciences and consumer goods (fashion and apparel) sectors. There are also V6 Industry Accelerators that provide industry-specific PLM best practices and features to accelerate deployment and reduce time to ROI.

  Typical customers

  • A famous electrical appliance company in Qingdao

  • Leading technology research and development department of a famous home appliance manufacturing group company in China

  • A university drone research institute in East China

  • Sichuan Institute of Electronic Equipment

  • A Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

  Customer revenue

  ENOVIA V6 represents the latest trends in product lifecycle management, expanding the breadth, depth and scope of enterprise collaboration in the new product development process. By reducing TCO and increasing ROI, ENOVIA V6 provides global enterprise and supply chain participants with an intelligent, cost-effective solution for new product lifecycle management.

  • Meet the customer's business needs through system tuning and scaling to achieve the lowest TCO.

  • Improve profitability by optimizing IT and business processes and effectively allocating resources.

  • Cost-effective support for globalization and enterprise-level deployments.

  • Optimized industry best practices and process excellence and standards.

  • Take advantage of standards-based solutions from leading vendors.

  • Design, modify, and collaborate in a common 3D environment.

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