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Collaborative design solutions for complex products
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Collaborative design solutions for complex products

Product description

  Collaborative Design Solution Overview:

  The traditional PDM/PLM system only solves the problems of data storage, management and access, and its data management granularity only reaches the document level. It can't really "understand" the product data, and lacks the designer in the product design process. stand by. ENOVIA VPLM can be tightly integrated with design application tools (such as CATIA) to provide in-depth management of design data; provide in-depth understanding of design data (such as positional relationships between structural components and electrical piping), and provide design synergy to enable engineers In the design process, design coordination with other designers can be carried out in time, and various potential design problems are discovered at an early stage.

  It is precisely because ENOVIA VPLM can fully understand the inherent meaning of CATIA data, so that ENOVIA VPLM solution provides its own special help for CATIA engineers in the design process data in the following aspects:

  ■ Integrated design/management environment

  ■ Design for the designer to provide a context for configuration

  ■ Support for related product design

  Collaborative design for complex products, such as aircraft, shipbuilding, automotive, etc., "based on traditional PDM coordinated design patterns" is evolving to the "Design in Context Process" through VPLM.

  Collaborative design solutions:

  Collaborative design solutions for complex products first need to follow the concepts and principles of online design, association design and parallel design basic collaborative design, as well as new technologies such as MBD data representation, 3D design quality review and subcontract design and manufacturing. And business form requirements.

  Through more than ten years of successful implementation of the ENOVIA VPLM collaborative design platform in the aviation industry, Anto has developed a collaborative design solution for complex products, including the following.

  (1) Designed in the context of the configuration

  ■ Configured product data enables engineers to design based on correct technical status data from the start

  ■ greatly simplify the management of complex product development processes through multiple data filtering methods such as multiple configurations, zones, attributes, and technology packages.

  ■ The context is the environment in which the component is designed. Unified design context makes all collaborative processes based on consistent, consistent product information

  ■ Clarify the interrelationships between design pieces through a consistent context, supporting impact analysis and associated design

  (2) Associated design

  ■ Support online TOP-DOWN correlation design, from bottom-up design to top-down design mode.

  ■ Establish a hierarchical structure of skeleton models to maximize knowledge acquisition and reuse, and comprehensively manage CATIA V5's rich link and design experience.

  ■ The swim directly uses the upstream data. When the version does not change, the upstream design changes, and the downstream design is automatically updated. When the version changes, the downstream receives the upstream upgrade notification, and the downstream design is automatically updated.

  ■ Associated design can greatly improve the accuracy and timeliness of changes, control the impact of changes, speed up design changes, and improve design efficiency.

  (3) Digital definition based on MBD products

  ■ Use 3D data as the basis for communication, not just within the design, but through the entire process of design, manufacturing, maintenance, supplier collaboration and other communication languages.

  ■ Provide a single source product definition that eliminates the potential for inconsistencies between 3D and 2D drawings.

  ■ Improve project quality and product coordination, and reduce the understanding time and error of downstream personnel (process, manufacturing, market, service, etc.) on the model.

  ■ Work with CAD/PLM tools to standardize and automate the creation, display, and output of MBD data sets.

  (4) Maturity control

  ■ Maturity is the perfect state and level of detail of the identification digital model in the design process, and is the basis for determining the use of data in the parallel design process.

  ■ In the related design, through the model maturity definition, the downstream data related designers can timely understand the design status and change information of the upstream data, so as to improve the designed data in time.

  ■ Implement identification and record of product data design level, and grasp the information and completion of product data as a whole to ensure complete product data.

  (5) Digital prototype DMU audit

  ■ From conceptual design to detailed design, thousands of design coordination and review are performed to ensure the integrity and correctness of the physical prototype.

  ■ Users expect a comprehensive tool to effectively manage their research throughout the life of the project. The solution must establish an effective connection between the design team and the digital mockup review team.

  ■ Our solution is to integrate DMU data into our VPLM system. This integration will enable:

  ● Store various comprehensive analysis results into VPLM and recover and use them. (assembly, motion mechanism, interference analysis, etc.)

  ● Create and use a work environment. (Create local, subsystem digital prototypes for each type of analysis)

  • Accelerate decision making through more effective advice to help present and manage design changes.

  ■ Benefits to users: Reduce design cycles, improve product quality, and facilitate decision making.

  (6) Integration of partners and suppliers

  ■ Virtual co-location office support

  ● Share/share product information and processes in a distributed environment.

  ● Partial/multi-site replication capabilities to selectively synchronize data and design experience according to the rules.

  ■ Engineering Package Exchange (WPE)

  ● Supports extracting interfaces and interface data from OEMs, handing over partners to complete design, and then smoothing (incorporating) new data into OEMs to form a complete and consistent digital prototype.

  success case:

  Northwest Aircraft Design and Research Institute

  East China Aircraft Co., Ltd.

  Southwest Aircraft Design Institute

  South China Aircraft Co., Ltd.

  An aircraft manufacturing industry company in Shaanxi

  Northwest Aircraft Manufacturing Industry Corporation

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