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Network management solution
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Network management solution

Product description

  With the innovation of the enterprise and the growth of the business system and the merger and acquisition of the company, because the network structure has become very complicated, the complexity to the extent that manual maintenance management is no longer competent. IT executives feel no longer unusual for network maintenance work that needs to be done overnight. For example, network distribution, network operation lists, and network device tracking become more and more difficult to manage. When there is a problem with the network, it is basically impossible to lock the specific location where the problem occurs. The means of increasing maintenance personnel is no longer effective compared to the rapid growth of the network, but the maintenance costs are getting higher and higher.

  Therefore, enterprises urgently need an excellent basic network management solution to provide users with practical and easy-to-use network management functions. Based on the centralized management of network resources, you can implement various functions such as device management, topology management, alarm management, performance management, software upgrade management, configuration file management, application service monitoring, and intelligent reporting.

  In view of this, we provide a network management platform based on IBM Tivoli NetView, which not only provides users with powerful management capabilities, but also closely integrates with Netcool OMNIBUS's overall management framework, which can be easily further developed into comprehensive system management, as shown below:

  Perform further association analysis on the event, such as:

  ■ Repeat compression of alarm events;

  ■ Filtering unimportant alarm events;

  ■ Richness of alarm events, such as device type, associated services, customers, maintenance contacts, room location, SLA, etc.

  ■ Root Cause Analysis;

  ■ Automatic event processing (SMS, Email, startup troubleshooting test, dispatch, etc.).

  Then, the display of various management data is completed, including personalization, sub-authorization, and presentation of the sub-management area, and the presentation content may be original management data or aggregated statistical data.

  Therefore, the network management platform should be designed and built into a professional, flexible and highly scalable network management operation and maintenance support platform.

  The network management system contains various management functions, but the core is to solve two main problems:

  First, improve the management personnel's ability to monitor and manage the network, support network operation and maintenance, and find problems in time to solve problems to ensure safe production.

  2. Quantify and evaluate the operation of the network, and provide the basis for management and planning through the availability and quality of the specific digital response network;

  The network management system will aim at improving the quality of network services, and on the premise of ensuring safe production of the network, the network system management platform centered on network event management.

  (1) Establish a network operation and maintenance management system;

  (2) Defining a quantifiable and operational network quality indicator system;

  (3) Fast and accurate fault detection and fault alarm to improve network availability and service quality

  (4) Standardize the network operation and maintenance process; implement support for the operation and maintenance process in the network management system according to the actual needs.

  (5) Improve network availability and service quality;

  (6) Implement end-to-end information collection;

  The IBM Tivoli network management solution provides integration of various management functions. One aspect of the entire management solution revolves around network event management, and all management alarm information: network failure, performance degradation, traffic anomalies, configuration changes, etc. will be reported as events. By going to the network event processing platform, the administrator can understand the real-time running status of the network and handle the event through intuitive event information monitoring.

  The Tivoli Netcool network management system provides a comprehensive management function from network event management, performance capacity management, and topology resource management from a functional structure to a unified network management system.

  In this platform architecture, we are divided into three levels:

  The first layer: the basic resource collection layer, such as server, database, storage, backup system, middleware, network system monitoring, application monitoring, etc., we use professional monitoring products to implement, and store the monitoring data in the database for history data query;

  The second layer: the functional layer, the functional layer mainly includes two major data processing layers and the process management service desk, wherein the data centralized processing layer is mainly realized by the Tivoli Netcool Object Server, including compression, event correlation, automatic processing, etc. Event information is passed to the historical database for storage via Netcool. Integrate the logical relationship between the basic resources and the business system through a unified event management platform, and realize comprehensive monitoring and presentation by Webtop;

  Layer 3: Unified view: The unified view needs to implement the following functions, including business service management, system management, and report analysis.

  The network management features provided by Tivoli NetView include:

  Network topology management

  Tivoli NetView automatically discovers all IP nodes connected to the network and automatically generates topology connections. NetView provides customization of the network topology map according to the geographical location of the network node, which makes it more consistent with the actual network structure.

  NetView provides the function of SmartSet, which can make important management objects with the same attributes into management collections. SmartSet can dynamically discover devices that meet the conditions and automatically join them, thus eliminating human error and outdated information, providing administrators with great management. convenient.

  Network fault management

  NetView's console (Control Desk) is the center of network fault event management. Various network events, including SNMP Trap, are displayed and filtered in the console, and can define automatic alarms and responses, such as displaying alarm windows and sending. E-mail, call BP machine alarm, etc. NetView is also able to intelligently analyze single or multiple different network events through its rule-based event correlation mechanism, automatically perform automatic response operations for most events, and filter out a large number of unnecessary alarms, thus enabling alarms. More effective.

  In conjunction with NetView, Tivoli Switch Analyzer provides the root cause of switch failure analysis necessary for comprehensive network management. Through tight integration with NetView, network management is extended from traditional IP layer management to the second layer - link switching layer. For enterprise core network switches, a port failure can result in the unavailability of a large number of devices in the enterprise and the resulting many different error or alarm messages. At this point, with the fault root analysis capability provided by Tivoli Switch Analyzer, it is possible to correlate these fuzzy and complicated fault information and point out the root cause of the problem to the administrator.

  Network performance management

  Network administrators need to understand the real-time performance of the network, and need to be able to analyze and predict network performance and generate reports. Tivoli NetView's SnmpCollect function can automatically collect important network performance data, such as: IP traffic, bandwidth utilization, number of error packets, number of dropped packets, snmp traffic, etc., and set corresponding thresholds, when the collected data reaches the threshold Trigger an alarm or a defined automatic operation. You can graphically display changes in these network performance data, or you can store this data in the Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse for further analysis and reporting.

  User benefit

  The network management platform based on IBM Tivoli NetView can help users establish a unified and centralized integrated network management system, timely grasp the status and fault information of the network, help network administrators quickly locate the root cause of network faults, and provide corresponding network planning decisions. Data statistics.

  IBM product list

  IBM Tivoli NetView

  IBM Tivoli Switch Analyzer

  IBMTivoli Netcool Network Management Solution Advantage

  A network service quality management system centering on network event management is the premise of ensuring network security production with the goal of improving network service quality.

  First implement basic monitoring. Real-time monitoring of network equipment within the scope of the project is realized, and monitoring of the current usage of many application systems on the network is realized; the objects and contents of monitoring should be flexibly customized according to requirements, and different objects are used for different objects. Management strategy.

  Second, establish an active and early warning management system. According to the requirements, the corresponding customization work is carried out in the aspects of network event collection, classification, processing and presentation, so as to realize the timely, efficient and accurate understanding of the network status of the central office network and the backbone network; such monitoring can realize active processing and early warning. Function, thus laying the foundation for quality of service management;

  In the network management solution, the network fault event processing is taken as the core, the operational operation flow is standardized, the settings and responsibilities of the network operation operation post are determined, and the functions of recording, upgrading, statistics, auditing, and manually creating trouble tickets for network fault handling are realized.

  In the policy of managing objects, the management objects with different levels of importance are implemented, and the different management levels can be configured with different alarm levels and response operations for different management objects. A failure that has a significant impact.

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