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Anto group is presenting at the 2018 world intelligent manufacturing conference

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Oct 11-13, the three-day 2018 world conference on intelligent manufacturing opened in nanjing international expo center, Philippe dassault systems industrial equipment industry vice President Mr BARTISSOL and Antoine group business development director Mr Qing-fu wang attended the meeting and delivered a wonderful speech, Antoine group as dassault top partner, hand in hand at the conference, display cutting-edge intelligent manufacturing professional solutions.


With the theme of "empowering and upgrading, building the future intelligently", this world intelligent manufacturing conference is a grand gathering in the field of intelligent manufacturing worldwide, attracting the participation of experts from more than 20 countries. As an excellent 3DEXPERIENCE platform implementation service provider of dassault system, this exhibition demonstrated dassault system solutions and products independently developed by Antoine group through "video + interaction", covering the whole process management of intelligent manufacturing including design, simulation, production, scheduling and collaboration. In the past three days, the exhibition hall of antor group attracted a lot of audience to stop and listen, and our technicians gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the audience.


Interested customers and technical experts have in-depth communication and consultation in the communication rest area next to the booth.



Philippe BARTISSOL, vice President of daxos industrial equipment industry, was invited to attend the theme dialogue of "power upgrading, wisdom building the future" held by the conference. Mr. Wang qingfu, business development director of anto group, was also invited to deliver the keynote speeches of "application practice of data intelligence in maintenance" and "model-based integrated digital engineering platform" on BBS.





Mr. Wang qingfu, business development director of anto group


Dassault system has been committed to the innovation and sustainable development of 3D virtual reality environment, and is committed to using the world's leading 3D technology to make forward-looking exploration of human beings and the world. Dassault systems is not only a technology company, but also a scientific company with innovative spirit. In the past 30 years, it has created value for 220,000 customers in more than 140 countries, and was rated as one of "10 unknown European companies that are changing the world" by business week. This year, dassault topped the list of the top 100 global sustainable companies 2018, compiled by Canadian media and investment research firm CorporateKnights.


Dassault system's unique 3D experience platform is not only a tool for product innovation, but also a brand new business model. It integrates more than 10 applications including CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, ENOVIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA and so on of daxo systems, and centers around products in a digital way. Almost all business processes, including product 3d modeling, simulation analysis, industrial operation, business data analysis, experience marketing and so on, can be completed uniformly on this platform. This platform can not only integrate well with the internal historical system of the enterprise, but also realize the connection between enterprise and enterprise, between enterprise and supplier and customer, and between different departments of the enterprise around the end-to-end process of product life cycle. This platform can effectively help manufacturers complete the digital transformation and promote the digital process of intelligent manufacturing in China. This is the unique value of 3D experience platform. The 3D experience solutions based on the platform cover 12 industries including aviation, automobile, consumer products, life sciences, Marine and finance.


Antoine group is dassault systems in China, the most complete product to sell all of the partners, to grow together with China's manufacturing industry users for many years, from the introduction of the first set of CATIA to enter China, until now the domestic dassault 3 d experience platform service the most cases, the maximum total contract value, Antoine group in all walks of life, always stand together with users, our philosophy is "the company in the letter, whilst Yu Cheng", "from beginning to end, set his mind at to entrust" grow together with customers, progress, is a sign of our success.


Through participating in PLM project implementation services of many large enterprises, Antoine has accumulated a lot of practical experience and continuously improved its technical support ability. In the future, Antoine group will do our best to provide our services with more enthusiasm and high morale. With the help of dassault system and Antoine group, we can help your enterprise firmly grasp the opportunity of China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading and respond to "made in China 2025" with rapid and healthy development.



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