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Anto group first phase dassault system civil engineering industry training certification successfully held!

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In March 2019, anto group successfully held the first phase of 3DEXPERIENCE (3D experience) platform civil engineering module (CIV) training and certification activity in China power construction northwest survey and design research institute co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "power construction northwest research institute"). This training and certification activity is specially organized to further promote the in-depth application of daxo system 3DEXPERIENCE platform in hydropower engineering and infrastructure engineering of northwest institute of electric power construction, and further strengthen the professional skills of designers. Front-line professional and technical personnel from the water conservancy and hydropower engineering institute/pumped storage engineering institute, water environment engineering institute/urban construction and transportation engineering institute and other departments of northwest institute of electric power construction participated in the training and certification examination.


3DEXPERIENCE platform (3DE) is a business experience platform, which is based on 3D design, analysis, simulation and intelligent software in collaborative interactive environment, and provides 3D digital solutions for the whole life cycle of engineering through a single and easy-to-use interface. It includes software modules such as project management (ENOVIA), 3d design (CATIA V6), process simulation (DELMIA), and computational analysis (SIMULIA). This training and certification is mainly aimed at the civil engineering design module (CIV) in the 3d design (CATIA V6), which integrates the 3d modeling function of CATIA with the design content of surveying and mapping, terrain, lines, structure, reinforcement and so on in the civil engineering industry, forming a 3d design solution for the civil engineering industry.

The training and certification work consists of 3DEXPERIENCE platform civil engineering module (CIV) training and certification. Among them, the training mainly gave an overall introduction to 3DEXPERIENCE platform civil engineering module (CIV), and explained variable setting and sketch design, terrain processing and circuit design, solid design and curved surface design, reinforcement design and parametric design, and entitle-based assembly design. On the last day of the afternoon, the certification examination was conducted in the form of pen answer and computer test, and the examination time was 180 minutes. The participants listened carefully, practiced actively, and completed the examination questions carefully.
Finally, all those who pass the certification examination will be awarded the dassault system (greater China) 3DEXPERIENCE platform civil engineering platform civil engineering module (CIV) certification certificate.
Introduction to dassault system certification system
As more and more users choose 3DEXPERIENCE platform solutions for dassault system, the demand for official training and certification of dassault system is becoming more and more intense. To this end, dassault system to meet the needs of users launched a variety of training certification.
Daxo system civil engineering industry training certification is mainly applicable to civil construction, municipal transportation, railway transit and water conservancy and hydropower industries. The training certification is divided into three stages: basic training courses, greater China certification examination and global certification examination.
1. Training courses
The training course is a professional training course for civil engineering users organized by anto group. Currently, it mainly consists of two levels:
1.1. Civil engineering design training (basic)
Through participating in the civil design training course of daxo system, the trainees can master the 3d design and modeling skills of civil engineering (for roads, Bridges, tunnels, hydraulic/dam workers, etc.), and have the ability to apply basic BIM in engineering design, construction and other stages.
Civil engineering design training courses include the following:
1.2. Steel structure engineering design training (major)
Through participating in the steel structure design training course of daxo system, students can master the 3d design and modeling skills of steel structure, and have the ability to apply professional steel structure BIM in engineering design, construction and other stages.
The courses of steel structure design training include the following:
2. Certification exam
2.1. Greater China certification examination
After attending the basic training courses of Antoine group, you can apply for the corresponding certification examination, and dassault system (greater China) will issue 3DEXPERIENCE platform civil engineering industry certification.
The greater China certification test is a computerized test, each test lasts for 180 minutes, and the test type is computerized operation questions, which adopts the form of centralized examination. This certificate is issued and valid only in the greater China region (mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).
2.2. Global certification examination
After passing the dassault system certification test in greater China, you can apply for the global certification test of dassault system. After passing, dassault system (headquarters in France) will issue 3DEXPERIENCE platform civil engineering industry certification certificate. The following is the global certification certificate sample:
The global certification test is in the form of computer test, each test time is 60 minutes, the question type is the choice judgment question, adopts the network test form, the examinee applies by oneself, registers at any time. This certificate is issued and valid worldwide.
At present, dassault system global certification examination in China can be conducted as follows:
3. Training and certification rules
3.1. Software training rules
Antoine group is an educational training and certification center authorized by dassault group. The training is organized by Antoine group and provides the venue, hardware equipment, lecturers and handouts, as well as relevant software products.
3.2. Certification examination rules
Certification training and examinations in greater China are held centrally.
Global certification test students apply by themselves, online registration.
Anto group is dassault system education partner and training and certification center. Dassault system customers and individuals can directly contact the person in charge of our education, training and certification center:
Miss xiao M: 13810101066
Miss Yang M: 13571821103

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