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Anto group ii dassault civil engineering industry training class opening notice

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Refinetheclassschedule Supercarefullydesignedcourse,takeyouminutestogetBIMcoretechnology! PowermastersSo,whatabouttheteachers? Ourteacherisalwaystalkingabouttherealpowerofdrygoods! Morethan10yearsofin

Refine the class schedule


Super carefully designed course, take you minutes to get BIM core technology!


Power masters

So, what about the teachers?
Our teacher is always talking about the real power of dry goods!
More than 10 years of industry experience!
The teaching goal
Understand the characteristics and advantages of dassault 3DE experience platform;
Understand the design method of dassault 3DE experience platform in civil engineering industry;
Master the core idea of dassault 3d design;
Master the collaborative design method of dassault 3DE experience platform;
Understand the knowledge engineering of dassault 3DE experience platform;
Master the methods of skeleton design, template making and template instantiation;
Research object
Civil engineering related technicians who have or will use dassault 3d experience platform;
Relevant technical personnel who are interested in dassault 3d experience platform technology;
Social personnel who want to use BIM technology to improve their professional level and competitiveness;
Have the intention to engage in BIM technology related practitioners in the future;
Also welcome machinery, automotive industry has been skilled in CATIA technical staff
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