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Case Details

Shipbuilding Enterprise Planning and R&D Management Platform

Ships and marine engineering
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Port machinery case

  Customer introduction

  A research institute is affiliated to CSIC. It has long been responsible for the development of communication systems and equipment for national key projects, and shoulders the glorious mission of China's electronic information high-tech development.

  Project Objectives

  The overall construction goal of a research PLM system is: based on the internal quality management system, with product development process management as the core, through the system to provide contract management, project plan management, product development management, parts library management, quality management and other capabilities. To achieve standardized, transparent and refined management of the product development process to improve product development efficiency and quality. Specifically divided into the following construction content:

  1. Establish contract management and effectively control the contract execution process and management;

  2. Establish a project management platform, carry out the whole process management of the project plan, and improve the project management level;

  3. Through the system to define a unified product data storage rules, centralized management of relevant data generated during product development;

  4. Establish a product collaborative development environment through integrated design tools;

  5. Integration with existing application systems, including unified user management system, point-and-click login system, material management system, personal workbench, CA system, and consider the integration plan with CAPP, group collaborative development platform and integrated file management system;


  Based on the Dassault 3D experience platform, the target system is built through demand analysis and optimization, system configuration and secondary development.

  User revenue

  1. Established a R&D management platform driven by the enterprise plan;

  2. Realized the whole process management from contract input to plan decomposition, collaborative design, change control, data distribution and manufacturing;

  3. Realize integration with various tool software such as MS Project, Caddence, Pro/E;

  4. Achieve full lifecycle management of product data;

  5. Achieve unified platform management for the design and development process of the entire class;

  6. Make the standardization management level of the enterprise a big step.