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Case Details

System engineering case

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Customerintroduction  Aresearchinstitutespecializesintheresearch,developmentandsmall-scaleproductionofspecializedelectronicequipmenttechnology,specializinginsystemintegrationanddesign,ultra-widebandan

  Customer introduction

  A research institute specializes in the research, development and small-scale production of specialized electronic equipment technology, specializing in system integration and design, ultra-wideband antennas and microwaves, high-density signal processing, and software system engineering.

  Project Objectives

  1) Navigating the system engineering design method using the Dassault 3D experience platform to verify the support of the 3D experience platform for the IPD design process.

  2) Establish a product development system with project management as the core according to the IPD process, and enhance product development capabilities through collaborative design and digital prototype simulation.


  Project management

  1) Demand management

  2) R-F-L-P design

  3) Digital prototype building and simulation

  4) Simulation data management

  5) Product structure BOM management

  6) Collaborative design

  User revenue

  1) Establish a correlation and tracking system from the requirements-scheme-digital (performance) prototype-documentation, and ensure that all requirements are met and verified in the system and subsystem design;

  2) Implementing the explicit and modeled design of the design, supporting multi-scenario evaluation and optimization based on indicators;

  3) Implement the IPD process, make product and technology development based on needs and goals, and enable the decision-making layer to evaluate and optimize business conditions;

  4) Implement product data management.