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Dalian Otto Co., Ltd. PLM case

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Customerintroduction  EstablishedinOctober1990,DalianOttoCo.,Ltd.isahigh-techenterprisespecializingintheplanning,design,manufactureandsystemintegrationofautomobilebody-in-whiteequipment.Ithasestablish

  Customer introduction

  Established in October 1990, Dalian Otto Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the planning, design, manufacture and system integration of automobile body-in-white equipment. It has established extensive and close cooperation with foreign automobile manufacturers such as Korea, Japan, the United States, Germany, and India. It was the first high-tech enterprise recognized by the Dalian Municipal Government and was rated as “Excellent Independent Enterprise” by the Liaoning Provincial Government in 2006. In 2014, it was identified as Liaoning Enterprise Technology Center and Dalian Industrial Design Center.

  Project Objectives

  Establish a complete 3D unified design platform through CATIA software and ENOVIA system;

  Through Delmia to establish a unified simulation, process data source information to simulate the process of the customer's on-site assembly process and solve the potential difficulties encountered in the project delivery process, to achieve, early warning, prevention, and solve problems in advance.

  User revenue

  1) Achieve design product data, asset management, and data collaboration to complete R&D process management. Ensure that the company's new products continue to advance and improve, all data sources can be traced back to the uniqueness of version management;

  2) Through the integration with ERP software in the production process can accurately convert Ebom to Pbom and can solve customer inventory, procurement and other work. Accurate pre-knowledge, access to uniform production, refined production, industrial automation production requirements under effective management;

  3) Through the project implementation process, assist the enterprise to complete the standard system of standardized design, standardized simulation and standardized production, and help the enterprise to establish a unified resource library, including knowledge base, standard parts library, enterprise talent pool and project delivery library.