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Case Details

Nuclear Power Engineering EPC General Contract Management Information System Platform

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Solar Energy Case

  Customer introduction

  A company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corporation. The company has the qualifications for international engineering Class A qualification and Class A foreign labor service cooperation issued by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, and the four first-level general contracting qualifications and three second-level professional contracting qualifications of construction enterprises issued by the Ministry of Construction of the People's Republic of China. The business scope covers engineering contracting, engineering supervision, import and export trade, design consulting, technical services, labor cooperation and property management. The business covers more than 30 countries and regions on five continents.

  Project Objectives

  To build a comprehensive information platform for all parties involved in nuclear power projects, to achieve accurate, timely and comprehensive sharing of project information. Using planning information as a link, information such as design, procurement, construction, warehousing, schedule, cost and cost, quality and safety are effectively collected. We will sort out and refine the data exchange standards at all stages of design, procurement, construction, commissioning and handover, and promote the refined management of the various parties involved in nuclear power projects. Provide decision-making, analysis and management basis for the group, owners, engineering companies and various parties. Accumulate nuclear power engineering data with power plant structure as the core, meet the nuclear power engineering life-cycle management requirements, form a nuclear power engineering information knowledge system, and provide support for digital handover. Promote the informationization, standardization and standardization of nuclear power project management and enhance international competitiveness.


  Integrate EPC general contracting business, integrate management business based on unified platform, support the four major control lines of progress, cost, quality and safety, establish a whole item tracking system; manage EPC general package data, unified management design, procurement, construction information, build Data association forms a four-dimensional data system (SSCWBSCBSOBS); lays the foundation of multi-dimensional digital power plant, builds a three-dimensional full-life management technical framework for nuclear power engineering, forms a preliminary construction process and construction plan virtualization and visual management; builds an advanced nuclear power project management platform, Support cross-regional overseas collaborative work.

  1. Integrate EPC contracting business

  a) Based on a unified project management platform, integrate and integrate EPC management services to meet the basic requirements of project management;

  b) Lean management of engineering projects supporting the main lines of progress, cost, quality and safety;

  c) establish a preliminary tracking system for personnel, equipment and materials;

  d) Establish project management leadership cockpit and preliminary KPI indicator system to provide quantitative basis and visualization means for general package management decision support;

  e) Integrate the EPC general contracting business;

  2. Manage EPC total package data

  a) Initially establish unified management of engineering information for design, procurement, and construction (including Jianan subcontractors);

  b) constructing data association based on business associations, forming a four-dimensional data system (SSC, WBS, CBS, OBS) to construct a nuclear power master data system;

  c) to achieve timely and comprehensive updating and comprehensive sharing of data that is safe and controllable;

  d) preliminary establishment of standardized 2D and 3D design data interfaces;

  e) establish a standardized data interface with Jianan subcontractors and equipment suppliers;

  3. Laying the foundation of a multi-dimensional digital power plant

  a) realizing a three-dimensional virtualized display of the master plan;

  b) forming a management mode for the virtualization and visualization of the construction process and construction plan;

  c) Build a three-dimensional full-life management technical framework for nuclear power projects;

  User revenue

  a) Integrated platform for a single data source

  b) Nuclear power construction EPC (S) full life data system

  c) Procurement process management based on a single data source of items

  d) Project management and control system based on integrated WBS and work package

  e) Efficient collaboration of all parties based on an integrated platform

  f) Three-dimensional digital application of nuclear power engineering