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Case Details

Three-dimensional innovation collaborative design for shipbuilding industry

Ships and marine engineering
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Customerintroduction  Ashipdesigninstituteisthefirstoveralldesignunitfordomesticshipdesign.  ProjectObjectives  Realizetheoverallthree-dimensionalcollaborativedesignenvironmentbasedonDassaultV6platfor

  Customer introduction

  A ship design institute is the first overall design unit for domestic ship design.

  Project Objectives

  Realize the overall three-dimensional collaborative design environment based on Dassault V6 platform; build 3D collaborative design specification based on CATIA; develop 3D collaborative design tool; build 3D coordinated design resource library; carry out 3D collaborative design resource configuration; conduct CATIA based 3D model 2D plot development.


  1) Business scenario definition

  2) Definition of product structure expression

  3) Resource Management Plan

  4) Resource library management tool development

  5) Definition of design resource management methods

  6) Object model development

  7) Rapid design tool development

  8) Drawing tool development

  User revenue

  1) Realize three-dimensional coordination of the overall design of the ship based on CATIA V6 platform;

  2) Construction of the overall design method, specification and operation guidance of the ship based on CATIA V6;

  3) Forming a template and secondary development tool for the overall rapid design modeling of the auxiliary ship;

  4) Implementing a 2D model based on 3D model based on CATIA V6;

  5) Open all the technical difficulties based on CATIA V6 for 3D collaborative design, and form a comprehensive solution covering the whole process.