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Integration of design and manufacturing based on maturity

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Customerintroduction  AnAircraftIndustryGroupCo.,Ltd.isalarge-scaleaviationindustryenterpriseintegratingscientificresearchandproduction.  ProjectObjectives  Inthedevelopmentprocess,thedesignandmanufac

  Customer introduction

  An Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale aviation industry enterprise integrating scientific research and production.

  Project Objectives

  In the development process, the design and manufacturing are highly paralleled, and the application of MBD technology is fully promoted, and the “design and manufacturing integration collaborative platform” is constructed to realize the synchronization of product design data to manufacturing, the online design of tooling and process derivative data, and the tooling and product data. Associated design.


  Design and manufacturing product data synchronization

  Product maturity stage design, process, tooling parallel synergy mechanism

  Tooling, process data association design management

  Standard parts statistics

  system integration

  User revenue

  Solve the problem of separation of process tooling design and product design environment, and support tooling and process advance intervention.

  Implement DFM, the manufacturing-oriented design. The maturity design phase considers the process requirements as much as possible, reduces the design changes caused by the process, and improves the manufacturability of the design.

  In advance of the process preparation, the process preparation work is gradually matured according to the continuous improvement of the design maturity. At the same time as the design is completed, the process preparation is basically completed, and the development cycle is shortened.

  Realize the integrated coordination of design and manufacturing based on mature control, and improve the synergy between product design, process review, process design and tooling design.