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Case Details

Aerospace industry based on MBD collaborative design and technical state management

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Customerintroduction  AerospacecompanieshaverealizedthatMBDtechnologycanimprovedesignefficiencyandreducelaborintensity.Andactivelylearnadvancedknowledgeandexploretheinformationizationroadthatconformst

  Customer introduction

  Aerospace companies have realized that MBD technology can improve design efficiency and reduce labor intensity. And actively learn advanced knowledge and explore the informationization road that conforms to the characteristics of its own enterprise. The situation of the aerospace system is the integration of the factory and the conditions for design and manufacturing integration. To achieve the integration, we must first unify the software platform. To this end, we decided to introduce Dassault's full lifecycle management solution and complete the design and manufacture of the product based on a single platform.

  Project Objectives

  Based on VPM as the platform, MBD technology is the core to realize complete and accurate technical state management in the whole life cycle of design and manufacturing.


  The system platform is mainly divided into three parts: related design and resource library, MBD tools, and engineering changes.

  Collaborative design platform construction, including:

  1. Single data source management

  2. Product structure management

  3. Personnel authority management

  4. Data review process

  5.MBD specifications and tools

  6. Associated design method

  7. Resource Library Management

  8. Business Process Management

  9. Technical status management

  User revenue

  1. Through the digital product association design methodology and knowledge resource library, the standardization of digital product design and the rapid reuse of design knowledge are realized.

  2. Through the digital product definition (MBD) auxiliary tool, realize fast three-dimensional expression that meets the specification requirements and is easy to understand the process, and provides the basis for design/process integration.

  3. Realize the 3D model review process and process information tracking. Establish an electronic review process for single and complete 3D models. Use process authoring tools to create a 3D model lifecycle, create configurable 3D models and review processes for different types, and trace and retrieve process information.

  4. Implement technical notice management. For the single or complete set of products, establish an electronic verification process for the 3D model to achieve traceability and retrieval of process information. The technical notice complies with Party A's corporate standards and specifications.

  5. Realize engineering change management of 3D data, define various attribute information to be managed on the change classification and change order according to quality system process and business reality; establish change management mode driven by change order (ECN). Change management meets Party A's corporate standards and specifications.