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Aviation industry digital prototype review case

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Customerintroduction  AnAircraftIndustryGroupCo.,Ltd.isalarge-scaleaviationindustryenterpriseintegratingscientificresearchandproduction.  ProjectObjectives  Thisprojectaimstocreateadigitaldesignplatfo

  Customer introduction

  An Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale aviation industry enterprise integrating scientific research and production.

  Project Objectives

  This project aims to create a digital design platform based on digital prototypes. Timely and accurate digital design information, support full 3D design based on model definition (MBD) technology, support structural design, system design, supplier collaborative design, process design and tooling design parallel, support digital prototype design review and decision making (DMDR) ), to ensure the development efficiency and quality, reduce development costs, and promote the accumulation and reuse of design knowledge.


  A DMDR is a method of determining what nodes, who, what steps, what data, how to review (analyze), and what questions and decision information are fed back to the design changes. That is: review levels, review teams, review steps, review data organization, review content and processes, problem analysis and decision making, and design changes.

  1.DMDR data transmission definition and control

  2. DMDR personnel organizational structure and authority definition and control

  3. DMDR professional data collaboration business process control

  4. Prototype review large-scale data processing and parallel algorithm definition

  5. Prototype review business process control of DMDR review points

  6.DMDR review packet life cycle status

  7. DMDR professional prototype data coordination process application scenario

  8. Prototype review business process application scenario on DMDR review point

  User revenue

  Based on DMDR best practices, 3D digital prototyping data can be integrated into the virtual product development environment, ensuring:

  1) Save and retrieve various comprehensive audit analysis information in the virtual product development environment;

  2) Accelerate decision making by effectively managing the spread of design changes;

  3) Promote the implementation of concurrent engineering by using DMU analysis and simulation methods;

  4) ensure the quality of decision support throughout the life of the aircraft;

  5) Reengineering of the DMU review process.