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Aviation industry collaborative design platform upgrade case

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Customerintroduction  AnAircraftIndustryGroupCo.,Ltd.isalarge-scaleaviationindustryenterpriseintegratingscientificresearchandproduction.  ProjectObjectives  TheCollaborativeDesignPlatformSystem(LCA1.0

  Customer introduction

  An Aircraft Industry Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale aviation industry enterprise integrating scientific research and production.

  Project Objectives

  The Collaborative Design Platform System (LCA1.0) is one of the first data management platforms that aviation has implemented and successfully applied to aircraft design. At present, with the in-depth application of the model task, some new problems have arisen in the operation of the hardware server and the design platform system. At the same time, in combination with the requirements of civil aircraft industrialization, user aircraft manufacturing has put forward new requirements, and the collaborative design platform system must support the MBD architecture.

  According to the problems existing in the current design platform and the needs of aircraft industrialization, higher requirements are put on the design platform, and the old design platform needs to be upgraded (LCA2.0). The specific objectives are as follows:

  1. Transform the system application hardware environment and improve system performance;

  2. Ensure the continuity of the original data and business development system;

  3. The system software version is consistent with the version of the mainstream aviation design factory;

  4. Combine advanced application technologies such as MBD to improve the design and management capabilities and level of the design platform.



  LCA2.0 design platform construction: build a new hardware server and software version environment, refer to the current state-of-the-art design platform construction goals, and combine the original design platform product data basic information definition to achieve the construction based on the MBD design environment.

  Application migration and promotion phase: combing the existing applications customized by the original platform, re-deploying and perfecting on the new design platform, referring to the current state-of-the-art design platform construction goals, adding new applications and services, and improving and upgrading the design platform. The function.

  Data migration and collation phase: Data migration and validation. Then, for the manufacturing and customer service requirements of the product structure, consider the needs of configuration management, re-plan and adjust the original product structure.

  The formal switching phase of the system: the data consistency of the old and new design platforms needs to be maintained before the system is officially switched.

  Trial operation support phase: Operation and maintenance after the design work is completely switched to the new design platform.

  User revenue

  1) Protect the user's original investment, including a large amount of legacy data and the continuity of development;

  2) Technically advanced and innovative: In the new system, it is necessary to systematically introduce MBD technology, related design, design data review and other technologies, and consider matching and compatibility with relevant technical applications of the collaboration unit.