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Case Details

Aviation industry server virtualization case

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Customerintroduction  AnaircraftmanufacturingcompanyisaffiliatedtoChinaAviationIndustryCorporation.ItisChina'saircraftresearchandproductionbaseandaerospaceindustrybackboneenterprise.Ithastheabilitytod

  Customer introduction

  An aircraft manufacturing company is affiliated to China Aviation Industry Corporation. It is China's aircraft research and production base and aerospace industry backbone enterprise. It has the ability to develop and mass produce multi-variety, multi-series, multi-model aircraft and aerospace parts subcontracting production.

  face the challenge

  1. Lack of business continuity

  The manufacturing company's ERP, MES, CAPP, CAD and other applications are deployed on each server. As the core system of the enterprise, the business continuity is very high, and long-term interruption is not allowed. However, the current business systems are running on separate physical servers, lacking HA high availability protection. Once the server has a problem, the above services will be interrupted, which will have a major impact on the business.

  2. The space in the equipment room is insufficient, and the number of servers needs to be controlled.

  There are already multiple servers running in the data center computer room. The space is tight, and there is no room for expansion or a new data center. According to the traditional scheme, if you want to provide HA protection for a certain service, you need at least 2 servers to serve as one master and one backup. However, the space of the computer room is insufficient, and it is difficult to make room for the new server.

  3, server resource utilization is not high

  Currently, only one service is running on each server. Although the resource utilization rate is about 40% at the peak, the server resource utilization rate is below 10% for most of the time, and the existing server is not fully utilized. ability.


  After fully understanding the actual situation of users, Anto has developed a targeted server virtualization solution to achieve business continuity assurance, improve the utilization of existing server resources, and meet the requirements of green energy conservation.

  The current mature server virtualization technology is used to pool the resources of the original server and establish a computing resource pool and a storage resource pool. The most appropriate computing and storage resources are allocated according to the needs of the business, rather than resource allocation in units of physical servers.

  Enables smooth migration of business on physical machines to virtual machines in virtualized servers. Through the P2V technology, the application of the physical machine is migrated to the virtual environment, which greatly saves the time required for system deployment and going online.

  Save the data of the virtual machine to the SAN shared storage. When the physical machine needs maintenance or failure, it can realize the continuity of the business through manual or automatic Motion. In addition, virtual machine backup technology combines stored snapshots and mirroring functions to provide backup of virtual machine data to ensure data security.

  Physical topology map:

  User effect

  Through the implementation of server virtualization, aircraft manufacturing companies have realized the effective use of existing server resources, providing a good foundation for the efficient operation of various business systems. The specific benefits are as follows:

  Server resource integration

  Consolidating servers in a 6-8:1 ratio greatly reduces the number of new servers purchased and reduces the overall cost of the enterprise.

  Business continuity guarantee

  The business continuity is realized without increasing the special investment, which provides a strong guarantee for manufacturing.

  Increased server resource utilization

  The use of virtualization technology has greatly improved the utilization of server resources and fully utilized the value of the device.

  Operating environment

  Software: virtualization software, business system software

  Hardware: servers, storage, fabric switches, network switches