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Case Details

Application of DELMIA in an aircraft industry group company

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  On June 17, 2005, an aircraft industry group company officially signed a contract with Anto, and ADT represented DASSAULT SYSTEMS to provide digital manufacturing DELMIA software and system implementation services to meet the establishment of “three-dimensional digital assembly process design”. And the assembly process simulation system" requirements.

  As a result, DELMIA has the first user in the Chinese aviation industry, and this is the first user of DELMIA in China.

  In the first phase of the project, an aircraft industry group company determined the goal of “using DELMIA, establishing a three-dimensional digital assembly process design and assembly process simulation environment and process workflow”, and using aircraft wing component assembly as a verification object to realize three-dimensional digitization. Assembly process design and simulation to provide fast and accurate MBOM for enterprise production.

  After the implementation of the first and second phases of the project, the main contents of the completion include:

  ■ Established a process design flow corresponding to the previous DMU distribution model;

  ■ Implemented EBOM to MBOM data transfer and association management;

  ■ Achieve total process design (separation surface separation) and detailed process design capabilities;

  ■ Implemented 3D assembly process design and verification, simulation, and generated MBOM;

  ■ Initially implemented PPR model data (partial products, processes, tooling, tools and other resource databases);

  ■ Initially realized the digitization and simulation of the factory and workshop layout.

  ■ Produced significant results.

  The main tasks of the implementation of the third phase of the project include:

  ■ Integration with the Design Development Platform (CATIA) system data;

  ■ Integration with PDM platform (Windchill) system data;

  ■ Integration with CAPP platform (Goldenleaf) system data;

  ■ PPR BUB overall application;

  ■ Process modification and optimization.

  Nowadays, the DELMIA Phase IV project of an aircraft industry group company that has been introduced to the actual application of the workshop has basically completed the planning and configuration, and the implementation work is about to begin. In specific projects, DELMIA's specific applications in the development of the ARJ21 aircraft include:

  ■ 3D process instruction issuance, on-site visual assembly, etc.

  ■ Product assembly process analysis (DPE) based on digital prototype

  ■ 3D assembly process separation surface and assembly station division (DPE)

  ■ 3D Assembly Process Design (DPE)

  ■ 3D process layout and process simulation (DPM)

  ■ Assembly Sequence Simulation Verification (DPM)

  ■ Assembly Interference Simulation Verification (DPM)

  ■ Generate simulation-validated MBOM (DPE)