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IoT applications accelerate manufacturing innovation Edge computing or become a hot spot

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  The competition of the Internet of Things platform is becoming increasingly fierce. The manufacturing of Internet of Things applications will lead manufacturing enterprises into a new era of innovation and change. Data will gradually become an important asset of enterprises, and the edge of intelligence will become the next hot spot.

  The competition of the Internet of Things platform is becoming increasingly fierce. The manufacturing of Internet of Things applications will lead manufacturing enterprises into a new era of innovation and change. Data will gradually become an important asset of enterprises, and the edge of intelligence will become the next hot spot.

  IoT applications accelerate manufacturing innovation Edge computing or become a hot spot

  August 24, 2016 - IDC recently released the "China Manufacturing Internet of Things Market Forecast, 2016-2020" report. It is estimated that by 2020, China's manufacturing enterprises' IoT spending will reach US$127.5 billion (approximately 848.3 billion yuan). RMB), the compound annual growth rate for the next five years is 14.7%. Among them, software and services will lead the rapid growth of China's manufacturing IoT spending, which accounts for more than 60% of the market.

  The Internet of Things has become a national strategic emerging industry and has been written into the “13th Five-Year Plan”. The "Made in China 2025" is the first 10-year action plan of the Chinese government to implement the strategy of manufacturing a strong country. With the support of Chinese government policies and funds, promoting smart manufacturing development, upgrading networked collaborative manufacturing, and accelerating manufacturing-to-service transformation will become the main direction of manufacturing development, and will promote manufacturing Internet of Things in the next three to five years. Expenditure maintained a high growth.

  Although the development of China's Internet of Things in the manufacturing industry is still in its infancy, the depth and breadth of its application are constantly strengthening, and new application scenarios are emerging. With the integration of emerging technologies (such as cloud computing, big data and mobile technologies) and the Internet of Things and the integration of IT (information technology) and OT (operational technology), the potential of IoT technology will accelerate. IDC expects that the development of China's manufacturing Internet of Things will present the following three major trends in the next two years:

  IoT platform competition will become increasingly fierce

  As more and more enterprises deploy IoT applications, IDC believes that the manufacturing IoT platform will be one of the main directions for the transformation and reshaping of intelligent manufacturing. The platform of the future can come from the hardware field or from the software field. In the field of hardware management, it is mainly the connection management of production equipment; the software field mainly includes enterprise application management platform, enterprise information display and reporting platform, and enterprise data analysis and insight platform.

  Internet of Things applications will accelerate manufacturing innovation

  Manufacturing IoT applications will lead manufacturing companies into a new era of innovation and change. The low-cost awareness of IoT applications, efficient data collection, real-time data logging, distributed computing, and advanced data analysis will accelerate the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing, and innovate, develop, produce, operate, and Management method. In addition, continuous breakthroughs in mechanical learning technology will also facilitate faster and more accurate data analysis in manufacturing.

  Edge computing will be the next hot spot

  With the massive deployment of IoT terminals, the data generated by the Internet of Things will show geometric growth. Therefore, data filtering and processing through distributed terminal devices and IoT gateways will be an important development direction for manufacturing IoT applications. At the same time, data will gradually become an important asset of the enterprise, and the edge of the intelligence will ensure data security when the network or data center is abnormal, helping enterprises to avoid risks.

  Wang Yue, senior research manager of IDC manufacturing, said: "Chinese manufacturing companies have begun to deploy the Internet of Things strategy to improve the efficiency of production and operation, and accelerate the transition from production to service. With the advancement of intelligent manufacturing, information technology and operational technology The rapid convergence and the popularization of the concept of 'digital twins', IoT technology will gain more room for development in the manufacturing industry. At the same time, the combination of the Internet of Things and emerging digital technologies such as cloud computing, mobile technology and big data will further release The potential of networking has laid a solid technical foundation for the creation of the IoT ecological closed loop. I believe that with the gradual maturity of the ecology in the future, the industry and segmented industry applications based on the Internet of Things platform will usher in rapid growth."

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