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Case Details

Anto help China University of Science and Technology (USTC) nuclear fusion research

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Solar Energy Case

  Customer introduction

  The University of Science and Technology of China is a comprehensive national key university with a focus on cutting-edge science and high-tech, and a combination of characteristic management and humanities.

  Nuclear fusion research is a major international cooperation program in the world of science and technology to solve the future energy problems of mankind. Different from non-renewable energy and conventional clean energy, fusion energy has the advantages of unlimited resources, no pollution to the environment, and no high-level nuclear waste. It is one of the leading forms of human energy in the future, and it is also recognized that it can finally solve the energy of human society. Problem and environmental issues, one of the important ways to promote the sustainable development of human society.

  Project Objectives

  Provide product design and development platform for the laboratory.


  1) Product development project management throughout the life cycle: realize product life cycle definition, product life cycle product development process control, and facilitate product development management personnel to keep abreast of the progress of each product development project, understand the project member workload and allocate projects task;

  2) Build a product innovation design software integration platform: through product integration lifecycle management (PLM) platform and design data management platform VPM integration, to achieve product information sharing, document management, organizational rights management and electronic approval process management;

  3) Realize the simulation work and project management, define the simulation work through the WBS task, and disassemble and distribute the simulation work. After the simulation work is completed, the WBS task is completed by submitting the deliverable;

  4) Support the unified management of simulation data, and manage the pre- and post-processing files, execution command flow and simulation report generated in the simulation work on the platform, and associate with the project tasks to realize the traceability of the simulation work tasks and deliverables. ;

  5) Realize the accumulation of product development knowledge and process management knowledge: support product property definition of life cycle management, standardize product development process, and reduce the impact of personnel changes on product development;

  6) Security and confidentiality: electronic verification based on lightweight technology, centralized data management, rule-based lifecycle authority control, and technical documents are not illegally stolen;

  7) Support remote product development: actively adapt to the form of USTC and research institutes, support Internet-based product development, and realize distributed data management and product development process management;

  User revenue

  Through the implementation of this project, the development and manufacturing of USTC will be fundamentally changed, which is reflected in the following three aspects:

  1) changes in design methods;

  2) the transformation of synergistic methods;

  3) Changes in data management.