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Grasp the four development directions and driving forces to seize the opportunities of intelligent manufacturing

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  In the current world competition pattern, only by upgrading the manufacturing level and pushing China's manufacturing industry as a whole to the level of intelligent manufacturing, China's economy will maintain a strong development momentum for a long time. To this end,

  In the current world competition pattern, only by upgrading the manufacturing level and pushing China's manufacturing industry as a whole to the level of intelligent manufacturing, China's economy will maintain a strong development momentum for a long time. To this end, the government launched the action plan “Made in China 2025” for the first decade of the strategy of manufacturing a strong country, hoping to promote the intelligent transformation of China's manufacturing industry through the development of intelligent manufacturing industry, and improve quality and efficiency for the manufacturing industry.

  Grasp the four development directions and driving forces to seize the opportunities of intelligent manufacturing

  Once China Manufacturing 2025 was issued, almost all of the country wanted to seize the commanding heights of intelligent manufacturing, and actively deployed Industry 4.0, hoping to keep up with the national strategic planning. However, China's smart manufacturing industry is still in the primary development stage, most of which are in the research and development stage, and only 16% of enterprises enter the stage of intelligent manufacturing application. It is estimated that by 2020, China's smart manufacturing output value is expected to exceed 3 trillion yuan, with a compound annual growth rate of about 20%.

  In the next 35 years, China’s economic growth under the new normal will shift from “sweat” to “wisdom”. How should Chinese people seize the opportunities in this process? If you want to seize the opportunities in the development of smart manufacturing industry, grasp The four major development directions and driving forces of the industry are the key.

  The four main directions of investment in intelligent manufacturing industry:

  The first is the industry of robots, artificial intelligence, VR, etc. Such industries will have a subversive impact on human life in the future, and there is huge room for development imagination. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, China's robot market will reach 600 billion yuan, the artificial intelligence market will be nearly 10 billion yuan, and the VR market will exceed 55 billion yuan.

  Secondly, the UAV, unmanned driving and other industries, such industries can liberate people's hands and drive people, is an important development direction of the traditional transportation industry. It is estimated that in the next ten years, the national drone market will reach 11.09 billion yuan. In 2020, it will become the first year of commercialization of driverless cars.

  Once again, it is the smart home, intelligent logistics and other industries. Through intelligent upgrades, such industries can greatly improve the convenience and efficiency of traditional industries. It is estimated that in the next decade, the scale of the intelligent logistics market will exceed 100 billion yuan, and smart homes will reach a market scale of nearly 100 billion.

  Finally, 3D printing, which is an important part of the intelligent manufacturing industry chain, is the production path of many precision components. It is expected that the scale of the 3D printing market will exceed 10 billion yuan in the next decade.

  The four driving forces driving the development of the smart manufacturing industry:

  First, manufacturing labor prices are getting higher and higher, while product prices are getting lower and lower. Enterprises need to use robots to change the production mode of traditional manufacturing relying on intensive and cheap labor;

  Secondly, human life and quality of life are getting higher and higher, and the human resources that can provide aging services are becoming less and less. Humans need to use intelligent machines to provide quality services;

  Third, natural and man-made disasters and wars still occur frequently and humans have difficulty adapting to such environments. Humans need robots to replace people to perform tasks;

  Finally, human activities in the extreme environments such as deep sea and space are becoming more and more frequent, and human beings have low survivability and high cost in such environments, and they need to use robots to achieve remote interactive operations.

  Intelligent transformation is the key to building and manufacturing a strong country. Realizing “digital, networked and intelligent” manufacturing is a new trend in the development of the manufacturing industry and the core of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. Not only does the company eagerly expect the national plan to land as soon as possible, but the local government, which is at the key point of transformation and upgrading, is also very active in responding to "Made in China 2025". It has been introduced in the form of government documents and has stepped up the formulation of the local version. Although the local "Made in China 2025" has been formulated in various places, in fact, many enterprises in China are at different levels. Therefore, this round of reform requires the central government, local governments, capital, and enterprises to drive together in an all-round way.

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