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Artificial intelligence helps smart city development Welcome to the market "blue sea"

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  The use of artificial intelligence technology has improved the overall service level of the city, and all citizens can share efficient and convenient public services and smart and quality urban life.

  The use of artificial intelligence technology has improved the overall service level of the city, and all citizens can share efficient and convenient public services and smart and quality urban life.

  Market research firm MarketsandMarkets released an analysis report that with the application of machine learning and natural language processing technology in the media, advertising, retail, financial and other industries, only the artificial intelligence market in these areas will reach tens of billions of dollars in the future. Research firm Gartner also said that it is estimated that in 2018, there will be 6 billion devices in the world using artificial intelligence technology, and people will be in touch with artificial intelligence on Internet appliances, automobiles and other products.

  Artificial intelligence helps smart city development Welcome to the market "blue sea"

  At present, the national policy level has paid full attention to artificial intelligence. The term “artificial intelligence” has been written into the “13th Five-Year Plan”. In the future, China will focus on breaking through the key technologies of big data and cloud computing, independent controllable operating systems, and high-end. Industrial and large-scale management software, artificial intelligence technology in the emerging field, which means that artificial intelligence research and development and application is welcoming huge investment opportunities and the market "blue ocean."

  The term “artificial intelligence” has not only appeared in the “13th Five-Year Plan”. Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, together with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, introduced the “Three-Year Action Plan for Internet + Artificial Intelligence”, which clearly proposes to promote the Internet and traditional industries. Integrate innovation, accelerate the promotion and application of artificial intelligence technology in the fields of home, automobile, unmanned system, security, etc., and strive to form a scale of 100 billion yuan of artificial intelligence market application in 2018.

  Why is artificial intelligence so hot? It is mainly based on the following four points:

  First, the human information environment and facilities have changed dramatically. Nowadays, mobile technology, the Internet, sensor networks, car networking, and wearable devices have emerged. Perception has been overwhelming. The network has spread all over the world, and the structure of the world has changed. In the past, the world was a two-element world. Now it is already a ternary world. We call it CPH. The ternary world alternates with each other and promotes the development of the world.

  Second, the demand for artificial intelligence has exploded. From the past, intelligent cities, smart medical care, intelligent transportation, intelligent logistics, intelligent robots, driverless, smart phones, smart toys, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent society, and smart economy all urgently need the development of artificial intelligence. This is why many companies in our city are already deploying artificial intelligence before our central government has moved.

  Third, the goals and concepts of artificial intelligence have changed dramatically. If we talk about our previous artificial intelligence, we actually use computers to simulate people, or to study a brain-like technique, and use brain-like calculations to simulate human behavior. What are we studying now? It is how the machine is combined with people and becomes a human-machine fusion. We now use the network to combine many machines and people to form a group intelligence system. For example, how do we study the people, the Internet, and the ternary world of things to transform into a city's intelligent system.

  Fourth, the data of artificial intelligence and the methods and technologies it brings are greatly changed. It will be increasingly transformed into big data-driven computing, sensor-driven computing, and multimedia-driven computing. Therefore, big data intelligence, perceived fusion intelligence, and cross-media intelligence are inevitable, and the traditional machine intelligence detection Turing method will be challenged.

  So the combination of these four will promote a major improvement in artificial intelligence.

  After rapid development, smart cities have gradually moved from concept to reality. With the increase of applications and the increase of data volume, the demand for artificial intelligence technology in smart city construction is increasing. It is learned from the 2016 China Smart City International Expo, with ecological technology, intelligent robots, unmanned vehicles and drones. The artificial intelligence technology represented will become the next hot spot for the development of smart cities. With urban construction and urban agglomeration development, urban services will gradually increase, and artificial intelligence technology innovation will promote services.

  The Internet age seems to be everywhere, there are terminal devices, there are artificial intelligence services. People are no longer limited to retrieval, artificial intelligence technology advances, like personal assistants on terminal devices or mobile phones, telling the weather and traffic, scheduling trips, coordinating meeting times, providing feasible solutions; playing with you when you are bored, Chess; When watching a movie, VR technology simulates a realistic three-dimensional virtual world, allowing users to feel immersive through visual hearing, such as a little bee flying to the front.

  In the medical field, intelligent voice and artificial intelligence technology can enable doctors to write medical records by voice, which is more natural and faster than traditional handwritten medical records. In the near future, medical robots will provide patients with a more humane medical experience; medical diagnosis will be more accurate, and patients can experience customized treatment options.

  In the field of smart government affairs, the “social service management information platform” based on big data, artificial intelligence, information security and mobile internet technology can realize the sharing and cooperation of urban data resources, and establish information support, grid management and diversified services. The new model of "Internet + government service" has turned "people running errands" into "data errands."

  In the field of environmental protection, sewage companies will not be placed in the city center. The green garden layout is more scientific, which contributes to air green and environmental protection. The parking lot is small and scientific, the roads are smoother, and the highway bridge construction reduces congestion. More efficient road communication or queuing shopping. The layout of houses, shopping malls, apartments, roads, bridges, subway tracks, gardens, cultural places, stadiums, theme parks, etc. in smart cities is more scientific and better.

  In community life, the Internet of Things makes the community smart, the street has artificial intelligence network services, travel has navigation and electronic maps, private car tracking or positioning, travel Wifi voice service, restaurants, hotels, car rental, shopping and other services It is more convenient through voice intelligence, and the suitcase is smart and easy to locate.

  In enterprises, enterprises and artificial intelligence technologies can improve services. Before the sale, voice communication and smart technology help customers understand the product or service. Customers can go online and offline to learn about product information through video playback. After-sales service provides timely transportation information, installation information, purchase maintenance or repair information, and provides customers with more thoughtful and comprehensive services through terminal equipment, allowing customers to provide personalized customization or caring services through artificial intelligence technology.

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