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China's manufacturing + Internet =? Internet of Things + Big Data may have an answer

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 This is an open proposition. You can give any answer that you feel fit, because no one knows where his end is? The infinite possibilities of manufacturing are for everyone to look at, when the tide of the Internet strikes, Many industries have stepped into the driveway, but the traditional manufacturing industry seems to be unresponsive and faltering.

  This is an open proposition. You can give any answer that you feel fit, because no one knows where his end is? The infinite possibilities of manufacturing are for everyone to look at, when the tide of the Internet strikes, Many industries have stepped into the driveway, but the traditional manufacturing industry seems to be unresponsive and faltering. Is the manufacturing industry and the Internet inconsistent, or is it wrong? The companies in the industry have never given up on exploration, but today we are also discussing this. New model.

  We have been discussing what the Internet has brought us and what has changed. In fact, he can't change the physical or chemical properties of matter, but it can independently lead a new revolution and bring it to different industries and even the entire national economy. Great vitality, with its two special attributes: contacts and links. The way the Internet uses information to allow different objects to break through the gaps in time and space, we also benefit from this way to obtain information and data more efficiently, and the way we know the world has changed, the time to acquire knowledge. The cost will be greatly reduced, and reading thousands of books may be more efficient in today's society than traveling thousands of miles.

  The Internet has changed the way we know the world. How can we upgrade the way we transform the world? This requires us to use the Internet to transform the manufacturing industry. Smart factories may be one of them. Today, we are able to talk about machines and machines, thanks to the wide-ranging rise of Internet factories. The Internet factory is a fashionable new word. It is a new thing after the collision of “Internet + Manufacturing”. The core of it is to use Internet thinking to transform the project and connect the independent factory with the Internet organically to greatly improve production efficiency. At present, most of the Internet applications are in the aspects of marketing, after-sales service, procurement, etc. In the future, there will be more applications in the manufacturing process and between enterprises and enterprises, which will bring disruptive or revolutionary changes to the existing production methods. Ordering online and manufacturing personalized products offline will become the future trend. Chen Ning, general manager of Yixiang Information, believes that “Internet factory” mainly includes the following dimensions: “Beyond the shackles of physical form, it exists in the form of information; it pays attention to individual differences, and the requirements for precision production become higher; “Internet of Everything” and “data is king".

  The most important dimension is simply cloud manufacturing, which is considered to be the future shape and trend of smart manufacturing development. All the management procedures of the production equipment of the enterprise can be linked to the cloud, so the device can be connected in the cloud, the device can communicate with the device, and the device can exchange information with the production line. In the future, enterprises need to produce products. As long as they connect the devices they need in the cloud, they can use WIFI, wireless, wired, etc., and then pump the production process from the cloud to these production devices and fill them into the production process to produce. The products that companies need. After production is complete, companies can recycle these programs to the cloud. The next time the company wants to produce another product, because the process path is different, the company can reconnect and match these equipments, and then pour the production process for production.

  Mr. Chen Ning, who focuses on big data analytics and IoT applications, believes that in the future, big data can be analyzed that customers may purchase a new car in the near future and then send the recommendation information to the customer. Customers can personalize the car from the mobile terminal according to their own preferences and give it to the factory; after receiving the customer's order, the factory will arrange the production schedule from the plan--BOM list--purchase list--MES--WMS --TMS--users. Factory production during this period encompasses the concept of cloud manufacturing. At the same time, MES is the core of Industry 4.0. The future is the application of an integrated platform, and it is enough for a production enterprise to use a system. By integrating the financial management system, the human management system, the warehouse management system, and the production management system, there is no longer an information island, because enterprise management is a whole.

  Informatization software has gradually emerged in the manufacturing field. Various countries have begun to issue corresponding policies to encourage the development of related industries. The United States and Germany are undoubtedly the temporary leaders on the runway. Information network technology and superb manufacturing levels are their advantages. China still has a long way to go in this journey. I hope that more and more companies like Yixiang Information will always adhere to independent research and development, control independently, create transparent factories for enterprises, and realize smart manufacturing, which will enable manufacturing enterprises to seize the opportunity in the new era. The answer to the Internet =?" will also be announced.

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