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In July 2018, the Central Plains EPC project passed the acceptance test.

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  The meeting listened to the project reports of Zhongyuan Company, Anto Group and the Nuclear Energy Association's letter committee, and reviewed the project deliverables submitted by the Anto Group project team. After expert review and discussion, it is believed that the Central Plains EPC project meets the needs of Zhongyuan's multi-project management,

  The meeting listened to the project reports of Zhongyuan Company, Anto Group and the Nuclear Energy Association's letter committee, and reviewed the project deliverables submitted by the Anto Group project team. After expert review and discussion, it is believed that the Central Plains EPC project meets the needs of Zhongyuan's multi-project management, and has reached the initial design indicators of the project, which can meet the application needs of the business department, and has been unanimously recognized by experts and successfully accepted!

  Participated in this conference from China Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd., China Nuclear Industry Construction Group Co., Ltd., China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd., National Nuclear Power Technology Co., Ltd., China North Industries Group Co., Ltd., Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shenyang Big Data Management The bureau's eight well-known domestic nuclear engineering construction experts, information technology experts, and information technology experts formed a judging panel. Xiao Xinmin, secretary general of the Information Technology Committee of China Nuclear Energy Industry Association, served as the leader of the judging panel.

  Client Introduction China National Nuclear Corporation Zhongyuan Foreign Engineering Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corporation. It has the qualifications for international engineering Class A qualification and Class A foreign labor service cooperation issued by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China as a “going out” of China's nuclear industry. Pioneer in the development of international markets, dedicated to international nuclear engineering contracting, complete equipment export, nuclear technology services, business covers more than 30 countries and regions on five continents. The Algerian Nuclear Research and Space Research Center and the Pakistan Nuclear Power Plant project under construction have successfully created China's nuclear technology and nuclear power plants to go abroad and go to the world.

  Project Overview

The development trend of modern information technology

  Integrate EPC general contracting business, integrate management business based on unified platform, support the four major control lines of progress, cost, quality and safety, and establish a whole item tracking system;

  Manage EPC general package data, unified management design, procurement, construction information, and build data association to form a four-dimensional data system (SSCWBSCBSOBS);

  Lay the foundation of multi-dimensional digital power plant, build a three-dimensional full-life management technical framework for nuclear power engineering, and form a preliminary construction process and construction plan virtualization and visual management;

  Create an advanced nuclear power project management platform to support cross-regional overseas collaborative work.

  Integrate the EPC management of nuclear power engineering and the four major control main lines of the main package management business, open up the data flow between the various business lines, and realize the transformation to data-driven business. Based on business association, a master data system with SSC, WBS, CBS, and OBS as the backbone is constructed to form a single-source three-dimensional full-life data center. Achieve lean engineering management and engineering applications based on 3D digital power plant models. It will build an integrated platform that runs through upstream and downstream business collaboration, and supports collaborative work at home and abroad across regions.

  Established an integrated management and control platform based on a single data source and an efficient collaboration mechanism

  Established a data-based business management and control system

  Established the main data management system of Hualong No.1

  Whole process management of procurement based on single data source of items

  Established a project management and control system based on integrated WBS and work packages

  Established an integrated application for approval, reception, and distribution of platform-based texts

  Exploring 3D digital applications of nuclear power engineering

  Through the efforts of all project members, the goal of the first phase of the project was basically achieved, and fruitful results were obtained. Since the MPMIS platform was put into operation in May 2016, it has effectively supported the EPC general contract engineering project management business of the K project. At present, the system is running stably and the operation and maintenance support work is carried out in an orderly manner.

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