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In June 2018, the Zhonghang Xindasuo 3DE platform was successfully launched.

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  On June 25, 2018, the 3DE project of China Navigational Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Navigation Letter”) successfully completed the acceptance. During the meeting, the leaders of Zhonghai Navigation, led by General Manager Qiu Zonghe and General Manager Jiang of China Navigation Letter,

  On June 25, 2018, the 3DE project of China Navigational Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Navigation Letter”) successfully completed the acceptance. During the meeting, the leaders of Zhonghai Navigation, led by General Manager Qiu Zonghe and General Manager Jiang of China Navigation Letter, spoke highly of the implementation of the project and the project team. They were very satisfied with the results of the project and gave a high degree of progress to the project. Recognition. The leaders of China Navigation Letter are very grateful to the Anto Group's project team for their hard work and dedication, and praise the Anto Group's professional spirit of trusting from beginning to end.

  Customer introduction

  Founded in July 2012, Zhonghangxin Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by AVIC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Hisense Broadband Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd., which combines the advantages of both parties. It is a high-reliability optoelectronic product research and development and production specialized in special applications in China. , a specialized enterprise that provides technical support and services.

  The company has strong research and development strength, and has more than 100 invention patents and utility model patents. It develops and produces optical module products with high reliability, wide temperature zone, integration and intelligence to meet the requirements of special application environment. The products developed by the company cover more than 120 varieties of 6 multi-channel optical modules, single-channel optical modules and high-speed optical modules, which meet the requirements of national military standards and are widely used in aviation, aerospace, ship and radar. In the fields of electronics and electronics, it has successfully matched a number of national key projects, and its product performance has reached or surpassed that of similar foreign products, which can completely replace imported products.

  Zhonghangxin is committed to the R&D, production, sales and service of high-reliability optoelectronic products for special applications, and is a professional enterprise with leading international high-reliability optoelectronic products.

  Project Overview

  The China Maritime Letter PLM project began in February 2017, and China Navigation Letter passed a multi-party inspection and careful evaluation, and conducted a public bidding. After fierce competition, Dassault Systèmes' 3DEXPERIENCE platform and Anto as the service implementer were selected for the implementation of the project among many competitors.

  As we all know, the “information island” problem facing the manufacturing industry has always been a prominent bottleneck for enterprises to do effective R&D and manufacturing integration, and Dassault Systèmes, as the most forward-looking company in the PLM industry, has been working to solve such problems. Dassault Systèmes' latest 3D experience platform is largely created to solve such problems. Its core structure is a single data source + process-based application.

  Implementation content:

  By integrating various business processes and building an integrated platform for upstream and downstream business collaboration, the cost of the China Navigation Letters order project is made explicit, and the project progress can be tracked in real time. It can structure and platformly manage all model data (materials, BOM, files, etc.) generated during the product development cycle. The digital automatic transmission was realized, and the digital chain of demand-development-production was opened. The IPD product development business process was constructed to optimize the product quality management system.

  Project highlights:

  Implement model data management based on system management

  Realize classification management of model data (model attributes, BOM, files, etc.)

  Document data management according to system requirements

  The check-up of the set of documents ensures that the documents are completed after each stage is completed, and the knowledge of the enterprise is accumulated.

  EBOM introduces research and development business

  R&D staff quickly build EBOM during the program phase

  Clear positioning and clear responsibilities

  Streamline mergers and optimize business processes and improve relevant management practices

  Combine business status and requirements, optimize relevant business processes, and improve R&D efficiency and cycle

  Optimize or specify relevant management methods to enable business to be implemented in 3DE system specifications

  Standardize business processes and work by process

  The numbering system of materials, documents, etc. is automatically given according to the rules.

  Controllable processes to prevent human intervention or fraud

  Replacing the approval of the transfer of paper documents, shortening the approval time and enhancing the standardization of approval

  Technical document electronic signature and structured form export

  Comply with system requirements, generate related forms and documents, and download and print

  Reduce manual work and achieve paperless information transfer

  Reasonable project management and control

  Build a project plan WBS suitable for business requirements

  According to the actual requirements of the business, the granularity of the project plan, traceable project management and control, and real-time monitoring of project progress

  Consider the project's budget requirements when planning

  Manage the cockpit to monitor related business

  Reduce related personnel to spend time statistics related reports

  Guarantee data accuracy and reliability

  On behalf of the Anto Group, Xiaobian thanked the colleagues in the project department headed by Zhang Xuegang for their hard work and dedication. Anto Group is a senior 3DEXPERIENCE platform implementation service specialist for Dassault Systèmes, providing PLM industry consulting, implementation and maintenance to customers, enabling end-to-end 3DEXPERIENCE platform implementation services. Since 2009, it has provided PLM services for Hisense. Hisense has completed and expanded more than seven PLM projects. With the successful acceptance of the 3DE project of China Shipping Letter, the cooperation between Anto Group and Hisense has reached a new height!

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