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June 2018, Dassault System Transportation Industry Smart Manufacturing Solutions Tour

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  Offline seminars--Technology innovation drives industrial change, and talks about cutting-edge automotive technology!

  Offline seminars--Technology innovation drives industrial change, and talks about cutting-edge automotive technology!

  Date of the event: 6.12 Baoding 6.27 Hefei

  With the development of China's economy, cars have not only entered thousands of households, but have changed the way we travel. However, with the advent of Industry 4.0 and the introduction of the “Made in China 2025” policy, we can clearly see and feel the rapid development of the automotive industry – intelligent, connected, electric, shared transportation, autonomous driving and other intelligent Traffic is overwhelming. Whether it is a traditional car or a new car company, whether it is a host manufacturer or a car supply chain manufacturer, how can we quickly enter this new era of intelligent manufacturing? How can we change from the traditional "manufacturing" to the new era of "intelligence" "Create"? Of course, it is inseparable from intelligence. It is easy to say and looks simple, but in fact it faces many technical challenges:

  ● From mechanical system to mechanical and electrical soft integration, how to focus on control software?

  ● The power battery has cost a lot of money, but the technology is still not standardized. How to improve performance quickly?

  ● New energy vehicles and smart cars are about to be mass-produced. How to meet the regulatory requirements of multiple regions?

  ● The new car has been launched for the first time. However, the profit return will take time. How to expand and expand the profit point?

  ● How to realize the evolution of traditional manufacturing to intelligent intelligence?

  ● What are the key features of the latest solutions for your next-generation vehicle development?

  ● ......

  We invite you to explore the latest solutions in the transportation industry with Dassault Systèmes to support your future vehicle development process. Stay tuned for the upcoming agenda of our smart manufacturing solutions journey in Baoding and Hefei to achieve new business growth in the Smart Connect era. Let us not see it!


  Time theme

  09:00-09:30 meeting sign in

  09:30-09:40 Welcome speech

  09:40-10:20 A new generation of integrated automotive R&D platform

  10:20-11:00 quickly grasp market trends and accurately locate customer needs

  11:00-11:15 tea break

  11:15-12:00 Dassault System Automotive Modeling Industry Solution

  12:00-13:30 lunch and visit 3D experience solution demonstration area

  13:30-14:00 GPU helps China's intellectual innovation

  14:00-14:20 Huawei Cloud and Dassault System Help Enterprise Manufacturing Upgrade

  14:20-15:00 support digital engineering simulation and verification of intelligent manufacturing

  15:00-15:40 3DE-based visualization, integrated BOM solution

  15:40-15:50 tea break

  15:50-16:30 support digital manufacturing process and manufacturing solutions for intelligent manufacturing

  16:30-17:00 case analysis and demo (styling review) show

  17:00-17:30Q&A and lucky draw

  End of the 17:30 meeting

  *The final agenda is subject to the scene

  Baoding Station:

  Meeting time: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 9:30-17:30

  Hotel Name: Baoding Xingguang International Business Hotel

  Hotel Address: No. 999, Chaoyang North Street, Jingxiu District, Baoding City.

  Hefei Station:

  Meeting time: Wednesday, June 27, 2018 9:30-17:30

  Hotel Name: The Westin Hefei

  Hotel Address: No. 150, Maanshan Road, Baohe District, Hefei City.

  2018 Dassault Systèmes Transportation Industry, Smart Manufacturing Solutions Journey

  Miss Xiao M:13810101066

  Organizer: Dassault System

  Shanghai Anto Information Technology Co., Ltd.


  About Anto Group:

  Anto Group is the first senior agent of Dassault Systèmes to enter China. It is a professional company dedicated to providing manufacturing customers with comprehensive product lifecycle PLM management solutions covering hardware, software and technical services. Along with the gradual clarification of the national industrial upgrading strategy, Anto Group is more focused on the product life cycle management (PLM) field, and continues to improve Anto's PLM solutions around “customer innovation and development”. Anto expects to help customers take the lead in the competition and stand out through continuous efforts.

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