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In June 2018, experts interpret Dassault Systèmes' "3DEXPERIENCE Platform"

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  The annual Dassault Systèmes 3D Experience Summit Forum has been successfully concluded. As the founder of the 3D experience platform, Dassault Systèmes is using innovation to promote the global industrial renaissance and actively participate in the transformation and upgrading process of China's manufacturing industry.


  The annual Dassault Systèmes 3D Experience Summit Forum has been successfully concluded. As the founder of the 3D experience platform, Dassault Systèmes is using innovation to promote the global industrial renaissance and actively participate in the transformation and upgrading process of China's manufacturing industry.

  Since the launch of the Dassault System Summit Forum, Dassault Systèmes has been committed to promoting the company with 3D technology, PLM technology and 3D experience platform from the initial PLM Summit Forum, Virtual Reality Technology Innovation Summit Forum to the ongoing 3D Experience Summit Forum. Transforming and upgrading, while achieving its core competitiveness, achieving sustainable innovation and development.

  “3D Experience Platform” means “3DEXPERIENCE Platform”, referred to as “3DE”. Listen to the tall, but how much can everyone understand?

  Anzai had the honor to interview Dassault Systèmes for more than a decade, from the traditional V5 architecture to the 3DE platform. Mr. Wang Qingfu, the senior development expert of Anto Group, listened to the experts. "3D Experience Platform."

  Q: What is your overall feeling about Dassault Systèmes' 3D experience platform?

  A: Dassault's 3DE is stylish, avant-garde, and innovative, requiring users to listen and perceive with an open mind.

  Q: What kind of business is these leading technologies useful for?

  A: Today's 3DE has taken the traditional PLM conceptual framework out of the box and is more focused on synergy. Including market, R&D, manufacturing, supply chain, customer, business operations, all comprehensive, three-dimensional, no-dead collaboration centered on delivering customer experience.

  Under the traditional PLM concept framework, more attention is paid to the system software functional requirements of each business domain, and file-based data persistence, which needs to be realized through various system integration and data conversion.

  In the 3DE platform, there is no file binding in various formats. All collaborations, regardless of cross-professional cross-domain, are based on the underlying unified data model, no need for format conversion, no need for physical files, no need for big data. Volume of file downloads. This premise brings an excellent experience for various collaborations, large data volume and digital model loading, and business innovation. At the same time, this technology is also the basic premise of enterprise IT cloudization.

  Q: What kind of business is these leading technologies useful for?

  A: In theory, all the up-and-coming companies need it. This demand is particularly evident for some industry leaders, especially technology or R&D leaders.

  Q: So why are you accepting such a good thing?

  A: The essential reason lies in the current stage of China's manufacturing industry. Our production is very large, but there is still much room for improvement in real R&D investment, technology leadership and management leadership. Compared with leading companies, companies in the following stage do have a big gap in the recognition of the value that 3DE brings to their business.

  The lead mentioned here refers to being globally leading, not domestically leading. Many domestic leading enterprises seem to be strong. In fact, they are strong outside and the concept is backward. If you can't boldly innovate, in the new round of industrial innovation, it will inevitably be opened soon.

  Q: Ask a sensitive topic. There are rumors in the industry that the 3DE platform is closed. What do you think?

  A: First of all, in this industry, there will always be some negative labels on various products, which is largely a set of ways for friends.

  This is actually an old rumor, which was first produced when CATIA V6 was launched. It has been almost 10 years. For the first time in the industry, CATIA V6 did not have physical file storage. All design models were parsed into the database. For many users and even our practitioners, it was a big concept subversion. Because you can't see the physical files, everyone feels that there is no control over the design data. It is easy to think that the system is closed, but in fact, like other application software systems, if you want to export the files in the intermediate format, it is still possible, no. Any difference is that the interface maturity of the year was not particularly good. After ten years of development, there is no problem today.

  Today, in the case of cloud computing, this data-based rather than file-based data persistence can precisely support the cloud of the development platform, because there is no network pressure for large assembly file transmission, all cloud applications are at your fingertips. and. At present, 80% of the more than 600 APPs on the Dassault 3DE platform support the cloud. Today, the data storage of the 3DE platform is precisely the first in the industry, and it is still the only one in the industry today.

  Q: There is a saying that if you want to benefit from 3DE's platform integration and data-based technology, you need to use Dassault products all. Is this also a kind of closure?

  A: First of all, I don't think this is a kind of closure. As any manufacturer, it is definitely better to integrate all kinds of products. Moreover, as a PLM platform, 3DE provides a complete interface to a variety of applications and management systems. In other words, 3DE first has all the functions of a traditional PLM, and on this basis, it has stronger data-based collaboration functions, including multi-disciplinary, upstream and downstream, virtual and real. It is still important to emphasize data-based collaboration, because traditional file-based collaboration should be the basic function of the PLM system, not a special feature.

  A good news is that 3DE will launch a data conversion function that supports heterogeneous CAD, which is a non-Dassault product CAD software. This means that even if you use Creo or NX instead of CATIA to build a model, after saving to the 3DE platform, it will automatically perform persistent storage of data. When using other APPs such as simulation and crafts on the 3DE platform, No longer need any data format conversion, have to say that this is a huge change.

  Q: You are constantly talking about data-based, can you explain it plainly?

  A: For example, 3D online games, why can we refresh the scene very quickly on the client side? In theory, the amount of 3D model data of the character is also large? That is because the client and the server are communicating. When you transfer data, not files. The various information in the scene is described in the form of data, and then sent to the server for calculation, and the server is sent back to the calculation result, and the scene is rendered by the local computer. Of course, 3DE's data-based technology is much more complicated than this. A car model that traditionally takes 30 minutes to open, benefiting from this data-based technology, does not exceed 5 minutes in 3DE.

  Q: Finally, please summarize it.

  A: 1. For companies that are heavily researched and developed, 3DE is definitely worth choosing;

  2, satisfied with the following companies, in addition to 3DE, there is no essential difference between choosing other PLM platforms.

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