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In July 2017, Anto won the “China Aviation Tendering – Excellent Supplier” award!

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  Hai Antuo congratulate won the "2016 Annual China Aviation tender - Supplier Excellence" award!

  Hai Antuo congratulate won the "2016 Annual China Aviation tender - Supplier Excellence" award!

  As a multi-year partner of China Aviation Industry Corporation (aviation industry), Anto not only witnessed and participated in the development and growth of China's aviation industry, but also provided significant technical support for the development of many models, such as the Chinese big plane "Three Musketeers" - The new generation of trunk passenger aircraft C919, waterway amphibious aircraft AG600 and large jet military transport aircraft transport -20 and so on.

  In July 2016, the “Air Force Transport -20 Aircraft Arranging and Receiving Ceremony” marked the official entry of the Yun-20 into the military. Recently, the AG600 successfully completed the initial taxi test and the 180-degree turn test, indicating the success of the first flight. The highly anticipated C919 is also about to complete its first flight in early May. The successful development of the Chinese big plane "Three Musketeers" is inseparable from the partners such as Shanghai Anto. In the face of time-critical, demanding, difficult, and intensive information tasks, Anto and the aviation industry are facing difficulties. On the first line of in-depth design, insist on doing things well, doing well, and doing excellent! Shanghai Anto's outstanding professional ability and dedicated professionalism left a deep impression on the partners.

  Therefore, in recognition of outstanding contributions to China's Hai Antuo made aviation industry, aviation industry's CATIC International Economic Development Co., Antoine is hereby awarded the "2016 Annual China Aviation tender - Supplier Excellence" award to show recognition.

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