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In March 2017, Anto and HP unveiled the "China's two-integration summit forum"

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  Anto and HP jointly unveiled the “2017 (sixth) China Informatization and Industrialization Convergence Development Summit Forum hosted by e-works”, which attracted the attention of the participants.

  Anto and HP jointly unveiled the “2017 (sixth) China Informatization and Industrialization Convergence Development Summit Forum hosted by e-works”, which attracted the attention of the participants.

Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chairman of China Mechanical Engineering Society, and famous manufacturing expert Professor Li Peigen

  On March 17, 2017, the “2017 (6th) China Informatization and Industrialization Integration Development Summit Forum” hosted by e-works was “The Deep Integration of Internet and Industry”, which was successfully held at Beijing Gehua Kaiyuan Hotel. Ended. Manufacturing experts, CEOs of well-known manufacturing companies, CIOs, mainstream intelligent manufacturing solution providers and experts from research institutes of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology participated in the forum and discussed the integration of Chinese manufacturing companies and the Internet in the context of China's manufacturing 2025. Sharing the successful cases of deep integration of the Internet and industry, and discussing the promotion strategy of the integration of manufacturing and Internet.

  In order to better show the MES solution to the participants, Shanghai Anto and HP “soft and hard” jointly participated in the meeting. The two initial cooperation attracted the close attention of the participants.

Antoin personnel introduce the software to the participants

  The difference from the previous meeting is that at this meeting, participants can not only listen to the detailed explanations of the products of the Antoin personnel, read the product materials, but also directly operate the software installed on the HP workstations. After two days of meetings, the participants had an intuitive understanding of Anto's technical strength and industry experience in the MES field through “listening, watching and playing”. With Anto's MES solution, companies can integrate discrete and complex data and information from the plant, open communication barriers from the executive to the decision-making level, view information from multiple plants around the world, and implement personnel, equipment, and Management of production lines, materials and other assets, management of product manufacturing processes and optimization, and ultimately realize intelligent manufacturing from concept to practice.

  Of course, excellent software is inseparable from the support of first-class hardware products. In the two-day conference, because of the superior performance of the HP Z-series workstations, participants can realize the smooth operation of the software, thus truly experiencing the Antoine MES solution. The advantages.

  Through this conference, participants fully experienced the convenience of the information-based one-stop solution provided by Shanghai Anto and HP. In the future, Anto and Hewlett-Packard will further deepen their cooperation and work together for the realization of China's manufacturing informationization and China Manufacturing 2025 goals.

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