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In March 2017, the launch of the 702 navigation project of CSIC was successfully held.

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  On March 15, 2017, the “Navigation Project” kick-off meeting jointly organized by CSIC 702 Research Institute and Shanghai Antuo Company was successfully held in Wuxi CSIC Office, 702 directors, academicians, project directors and managers. And the head of the Shanghai Anto Company project attended the meeting.

  On March 15, 2017, the “Navigation Project” kick-off meeting jointly organized by CSIC 702 Research Institute and Shanghai Antuo Company was successfully held in Wuxi CSIC Office, 702 directors, academicians, project directors and managers. And the head of the Shanghai Anto Company project attended the meeting. During the meeting, 702 and Shanghai Anto officially signed the implementation service contract for the “navigation project”, marking the official launch of the navigation project.

  The director of the 702 chaired the meeting, introduced the important position of the project and the latest developments, and highly praised the contribution made by Anto in the previous training program.

  702 related experts said that as a national major project, the 702 is responsible for the overall design of the project, is the core unit of the project; shoulders the responsibility of coordinating the country's research and development, design and manufacturing resources. In terms of technology, 702 chose to build a new generation of ship 3D collaborative development platform based on the Dassault 3D experience platform, and develop the actual model on the platform. In the R&D process, 702 introduced advanced information technology such as 3D design and simulation to ensure fast and high-quality adaptation to lean R&D needs, thus maintaining its technological advantages. In terms of services, 702 chose Shanghai Anto as the partner of this project, not only because Anto has rich project experience in the shipbuilding industry, but also has a strong team of implementation experts in the field of digital construction, and more because of the 3D that Anto implemented before. The system training program of the experience platform fully proves its responsibility and strength: no matter from project implementation, quality of training courses, and professional attitude of lecturers, they are unanimously recognized by leaders at all levels and project team members.

  Subsequently, the senior project leader of Anto Company introduced the specific implementation plan and implementation plan of the project and shared with the participants the long-term project experience of Anto in aviation and shipbuilding. The two parties exchanged sufficient questions on relevant issues. .

  Finally, the director of the 702 said that he will provide full support for the project and support the project team. He hopes to further deepen the cooperative relationship with Anto, establish a long-term and in-depth partnership, and jointly promote the informatization construction of 702 enterprises for China. The implementation of the 2025 strategy has been added.

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